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In addition to being a decorated multi-time world and nation shooting champion and a veteran, Julie Golob is one of the most prominent advocates for gun safety and good gun training in the gun world.

Now, the mother of two has stepped back into her author shoes to release a new book Toys, Tools Guns & Rules: A Children’s Book About Gun Safety, which encourages families to begin having conversations about firearms with children at a young age.

“I’ve been around firearms and the shooting sports all my life. As a mother of two young children, I wrote Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules to continue to teach my daughters about guns and firearm safety at a young age,” Golob said in a post on her website. “My goal is to provide parents this educational resource to help encourage an open conversation with kids, because gun safety is for everyone.”

Golob says she used her career as a competitive shooter (she holds more than 50 world and national titles), military service, and expertise as a firearm instructor as the source for her first children’s book.


World and national champion shooter, mother, and veteran Julie Golob goes over everything from gun fit to shooting tips in this video series.

Shoot Sweet With Julie Golob

The book itself is 40 pages of colorful and realistic imagery from illustrator Nancy Batra, to inspire important conversations about guns among the entire family.

It begins by comparing firearms to other potentially dangerous adults-only tools.

Most importantly, the book gives parents a way to educate curious minds about how guns work, explain the most dangerous parts of a gun, and identify the types of adults kids might encounter who safely and responsibly use firearms.

In essence, it takes a lot of the mystery out of it, which is the best way to help kids stay safe.

There are also instructions for parents in Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules so they can better answer their kids’ questions and establish effective rules regarding firearms in the home.

An online resource at also provides coloring printouts and more free resources.

The book is available through with the modest price tag of $9.99.