Jurassic World Arms its Rangers with Crimson Trace Lasers
Some characters in “Jurassic World” have guns equipped with Crimson Trace Rail Master (CMR-201s) laser sights. Here, Barry (Omar Sy) aims a Remington 870 shotgun topped with a Crimson Trace laser sight. photos from

We’ve reported on the guns of “Jurassic World,” but what you might not have noticed is that when the InGen rangers run into an escaped dinosaur, there’s often a Crimson Trace laser trained on it.

The movie’s firearms were equipped with standard Crimson Trace Rail Master (CMR-201s) laser sights—not sights built by a movie prop productions company.

Guillaume Delouche, the movie’s gun-prop master, said, “Early on in the pre-production of Universal Pictures’ ‘Jurassic World,’ when the time came for us to outfit the elite InGen team with laser sighting devices to regain control of the park, only one company came to mind—Crimson Trace. We fit them onto our collection of real—and stunt—firearms for an authentic tactical feel throughout every sequence.”

Mike Faw, Crimson Trace’s media relations manager, said, “Crimson Trace frequently works with top Hollywood and New York prop companies and movie production crews across America. As many movies are planned in detail—such as Jurassic World was—Crimson Trace is contacted about working with the prop and production company staff to determine the firearms to be used and the compatible Crimson Trace products available. Today, more of those decisions for the filming centers on determining whether they want green or red laser sights. Crimson Trace offers a wide selection of both.”

Jurassic World Arms its Rangers with Crimson Trace Lasers
An InGen Security officer firing a Heckler & Koch UMP equipped with a Crimson Trace Rail Master laser sight. photos from

Movies have always had a way of making some guns not only iconic, but have also made certain firearms so popular manufacturers fell behind demand; now laser sights have that movie-cool status. This is a good thing, as lasers are also a smart add-on to a self-defense gun; especially for someone who has recently bought their first self-defense handgun.