A Kansas City woman in her 40s was home alone one night. She’s disabled and uses a cane to get around. When a man began banging on her door repeatedly at around 11 p.m., she couldn’t see the person, became frightened and called 911, according to this story from

As she spoke to the operator, she grabbed a gun she keeps for home defense. Soon after, before police arrived, the man started kicking in her door. Finally, he broke it down. And she fired.

She then placed another call to 911 to tell authorities the situation had become a shooting, the story says.

Police arrived to find the man lying on her front porch with a gunshot wound, the story says. The Kansas City Fire Department pronounced 31-year-old Carvonn R. Williams dead at the scene.

According to this story from, Kansas City police say the woman knew Williams and that he’d been at the home earlier and the woman asked him to leave because he had drugs on him.

A neighbor told KMBC that she’s been friends with the woman for years, and pointed out that the homeowner already asked the man to leave, but then he returned, “not in a kind way.”

“She had every right to protect her home and whoever’s in it,” the neighbor said.

The incident is still under investigation.

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