Katie Couric grabbed some headlines in the gun world over the weekend after making a May 13 appearance on NBC’s Today show to tout her upcoming gun-control documentary, “Under the Gun,” by claiming the great “silent majority,” a term popularized by Richard Nixon, of gun owners wants more gun control.

Today host and former coworker Matt Lauer began the interview by quoting statistics that claim mass shootings are on the rise—even though the FBI’s 2014 study claiming such has been debunked and recanted by its authors months later.

Here’s what Couric said: “Ninety percent of the public really favors universal background checks. And after Sandy Hook, everyone thought this was a watershed moment, something would be done. And when Manchin/Toomey died in the Senate, I couldn’t understand the disconnect between public opinion and our elected officials.”

Couric claims that, through her research for the documentary, she concluded that the NRA “really doesn’t speak for the majority of gun owners, according to this story from

“The NRA only represents five percent of gun owners, so there’s this huge silent majority, and they represent common ground,” Couric said, also claiming that this “common ground” includes support for the same kind of background checks that have already been failures in California, Colorado, and Washington, the story says.

Couric’s documentary, Under the Gun, was officially released on May 13 and is described as: “A look at the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre where 20 children were murdered at their school by a resentful, gun-obsessed shooter, but led to no changes in American federal gun laws.”