Keanu's 'John Wick' Switches from HK P30 to Custom Glock
Keanu Reeves in a promo poster for the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 2, coming in February, with his Taran Tactical Innovations customized Glock. photo: Lionsgate

The anticipated sequel to the surprise Keanu Reeves action hit from 2015, John Wick is still ways off, with a release date of February 10, but the studio has teased us with a promotional still of the titular assassin, and it looks like he’s switched allegiances a bit when it comes to pistols.

Keanu's 'John Wick' Switches from HK P30L to Custom Glock
Some examples customized Glocks and other firearms from Taran Tactical Innovations. photo from Facebook

In the first film, Wick had a pair of H&K P30L pistols with custom threaded compensators, though he only ever carried one at a time (no goofy akimbo John Woo stuff in this flick). He also kept a pair of Glock 26 subcompact pistols in his weapons kit, one of which he carried in the small of his back.

From the new photo, it looks like John Wick: Chapter Two will see Wick carrying a Taran Tactical Innovations Glock.

This video of the actor in training for a role shows he has the skills to be a competitive 3-gunner. He is The One, after all.

Keanu Reeves Can Really Run a Gun

Earlier this year we posted a story about Keanu Reeves skills on the 3-Gun course under the tutelage of Taran Butler while he trained for the new Wick film. It’s no surprise the character’s primary weapon would be one from Butler’s shop.

Now if only we could get a trailer.

If you’re interested in a custom Glock of your own, prepare to drop a little coin and wait 16 to 20 weeks. But you can buy parts and upgrade your pistols internals yourself too.

Seen some actors on television or in the movies lately who look like they know what they’re doing with a gun? Taran Butler probably had something to do with it.

Taran Butler, Shooting Instructor to the Stars