Things you need to make the most ‘Merica video on the web: a foreign-made barbecue grill, a modern trebuchet (think a catapult on steroids), a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun, and Kid Rock himself. Yes, this happened, and it’s part of a social media ad campaign of sorts for a new cookout product.

The rocker, who first made it big in the late 1990s during the rap-rock explosion, is diversifying his interests with his take on a cookout essential: the American Badass Grill, which he touts as being 100-percent made-in-the-U.S.A.

The website for the grill exclaims, in big bold letters: “Tired of seeing U.S. manufacturing go overseas? So is Kid Rock. Support American jobs. Be an American Badass.”

The product description says: “Made in the USA—by American workers for American workers. Tough. Hardworking. Built to last. – Full-throttle grill in a portable size. Large enough to fit 12 burgers, small enough to take the party on the road. – Gets the job done. Dual damper system cooks to perfection—hot & fast or low & slow.”

So how better to promote a U.S.A.-made grill than by blasting the hell out of some foreign-made models?

In the top video, Kid uses a giant trebuchet to launch a large grill, which he says is made in China, through the blue sky as if it’s a giant clay pigeon. He then fires multiple blasts from a shotgun at it, igniting a bit of explosive or incendiary material inside, before it crashes to the ground in a heap.

Kid starts with what looks like a Mossberg 930 semi-auto shotgun with a pistol grip stock, but as he’s shooting, two quick shots are spliced in of him firing a Mossberg 500 or 590 pump shotgun with a straight grip stock, assumedly for the effect of racking the action. Both include sidesaddle ammo carriers and a speedfeed stock.

But that’s not all. In another promotional clip, Kid has a pile of charcoal grills set up on a platform down range. He’s on a bench behind what looks to be a Serbu BFG-50A .50 BMG rifle. Somebody on the crew got ahold of a bunch of Tannerite…you can guess where this is going.

“We got grills that are made in China,” Rock says in the opening shot. “We got .50 cals that are made in America. This is 100 percent pure, American, badass.”


Both videos are set to his song “Bawitdaba,” but curiously not to his other hit, “American Badass.”

The American Badass Charcoal Grill sells for $100 and a gas version goes for $150.