Kids who live with guns in the home tend to have a greater respect for firearms and guns safety, according to a small experiment conducted by police officers and parents.

This story from says the experiment, done in Texas, involving eight children in preschool or Kindergarten. They were left together in a room with a fake gun that looks authentic. One child picked up the gun within 15 seconds, the story says, and began passing it around to the others.

At least one of the other children began pointing it around the room, pretending to shoot.

All in all, six of the eight children handled the gun, and all six of these children come from homes that where there are no guns present. The two children who didn’t touch the gun came from gun-owning households, the story says.

The story from Fox17 says: “While the result might not be surprising to most, the children who didn’t touch the weapon were children whose families have guns inside the home and have explained the dangers and responsibilities of guns.”

Second-Amendment advocates have long maintained that the most effective way to reduce accidental gun deaths is gun safety education, especially when it comes to children. In addition to what can be taught in the home, there are numerous organizations and gun safety courses that tailor material to children.

One such resource is the NSSF, which has several videos online that can help kids and parents, and Project ChildSafe, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting firearms safety among firearms owners through the distribution of safety education messages and free firearms Safety Kits.

Another resource for parents is the NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program, a gun accident prevention program developed by a task force of educators, school administrators, curriculum specialists, urban housing officials, clinical psychologists, law enforcement officials, and NRA firearms safety experts, beginning in 1988. Eddie’s core message to kids for what to do if they ever find a gun: “Stop! Don’t touch. Run away. Tell a grown-up.” Simple, but solid advice.