If you’ve been thinking about building your own AR, but are intimidated by the prospect of buying all the correct small parts for the lower, Battle Arms Development has a solution.

The company is now selling an Enhanced Complete Lower Parts Kit (currently shipping) that’s packed full of parts people usually have to piece together on their own from various sources.

The package includes a hammer spring and pins, trigger components, an AR15 cast enhanced bolt catch, safety selector, magazine release, magazine catch, adjustable-angle pistol grip, pivot and take down pins, and an AR15 buffer retainer defend and retainer spring, plus other various springs, pins, and screws.

Not only that, but all the convenience of having all these parts in one package comes at a decent price: $135.

Even if you have a stock AR, this parts kit would be a nice upgrade for your lower, or you can pick and choose, if you want, say, a different trigger. All visible parts are black.

Find out more on Battle Arms Development’s website here.