LA Bans Magazines That Hold More Than 10 Rounds

Any firearm magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds is now officially illegal in the city of Los Angeles.

On Tuesday, the City Council voted 12-0 in favor of the ordinance. A statewide California law already prohibits the sale, manufacture, and importing of such magazines, but not their possession.

Under the new ordinance, anyone owning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds will have to keep them somewhere outside of city limits or turn them over to the LAPD to be destroyed, according to this story from the local CBS affiliate. The same goes for any firearm with a non-detachable magazine holding more than 10 rounds.

The council instructed that an amendment to the new ordinance be drafted that would exempt retired police officers with concealed-carry permits from the law. That issue will be voted on separately in August.

"Instead of passing new gun bans that criminals ignore and prosecutors neglect—while leaving good, law-abiding citizens disarmed—maybe Los Angeles should improve its shameful record as one of the worst cities in the U.S. when it comes to enforcing existing federal gun laws against criminals," said National Rifle Association spokesperson Amy Hunter in a statement.

Hunter is referencing a March 2013 report in U.S. News & World Report that found districts including Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City ranked last in terms of federal gun law enforcement in 2012.