L.A. Following Seattle's Lead on New Gun Taxes

Much like a measure recently adopted by the leaders of Seattle, two members of the Los Angeles City Council are proposing a tax on gun and ammunition sales.

Also as in Seattle, Councilman Paul Kekorian said in this story from mynewsla.com that the new tax revenue could fund anti gun-violence programs.

"There are mass shootings daily in this country, many of which could be stopped by sound policies and better gun violence prevention programs," Krekorian said.

He called the gun tax proposal he and Councilman Paul Koretz are proposing "another important step" toward addressing gun violence.

Though the specific amount of the tax wasn't stated in that story or this story from westsidetoday-com, the motion references Seattle's gun tax, adopted in August (it goes into effect in January), which imposes a $25 tax for each gun purchase and a 2-cent tax for each round of .22 caliber ammo, and a 5-cent per round tax on centerfire ammo.

The NRA is jumping into the fray, filing a lawsuit against Seattle's tax on the grounds that the tax violates the state's preemption laws, and may take action in Los Angeles.

The LA tax would need voter approval before being adopted. The motion is a first step, asking city analysts to study whether a Los Angeles tax on gun and ammo purchases would be feasible, along with a tally of businesses and patrons that would be affected.