LifeCard Has Sold More Than 6,000 Units

TrailBlazer firearms is scaling up production of its folding, single-shot, ultra compact derringer due to increasing demand.

Last year, we posted about a new “emergency” firearm coming to the market called the LifeCard from TrailBlazer Firearms. It got some laughs on social media, but a lot of people liked the idea of a single-shot, single action .22LR pistol that can be hidden in pretty much any pocket as a last-ditch defensive firearm.

It looks like it wasn’t just a “new thing” reaction. According to, TrailBlazer announced last week that it is scaling up its production in order to meet increased consumer demand.

The LifeCard has sold more than 6,000 unites to date, the company says, as it brings new distributors into the business of the folding derringer.


The gun is about the size of a credit card when folded, though thicker. It weighs under seven ounces and is only .5 inches wide. The little pistol can fit in the “5th” pocket of a pair of jeans, TB says, and it has been photographed nestled contently in an Altoids tin with room to spare.

“We reached our first year’s sales goals and then some,” Aaron Voigt, founder and president of Trailblazer Firearms, said in a news release. “What started out as my obsession to come up with an Altoid tin sized pistol has taken on a life of its own. While we are genuinely pleased about our sales numbers, we are firmly committed to continuing to produce a high quality little .22 and refuse to compromise on our production or materials, so we apologize if it takes a bit longer to get your pistol, but we are certain you will love it when it’s in your hand.”