As you may have heard, the CBS TV news magazine 60 Minutes recently aired a special called “The Showdown Over The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.” Many gun rights advocates have been openly critical of the show’s depiction of the issue and of gun owners in the special.

While the episode was unbalanced, it did include an interview with Tim Schmidt, president and founder of the United States Concealed Carry Association. But one group of gun owners and concealed carriers was entirely ignored: women.

Yesterday, Carrie Lightfoot, the founder of The Well Armed Woman, posted a video on the organization’s Facebook page calling out 60 Minutes for not including material from what she says was an entire day’s worth of material that was filmed for the special.

“We were invited. I brought six women with me, from all over the country, to participate in an all-day interview. Literally, all day. We all actually had to cancel our flights because the filming went so late that we had to stay over another evening,” Lightfoot said in the video. “We had women from all walks of life: mothers, more mature women, just a whole variety of women.”

She went on to say that one of the show’s producer, who she didn’t name, told her that CBS recognized that women were the fastest growing demographic in terms of firearm ownership and concealed carry.

Robyn Thomas, the executive director of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
While the show nixed the TWAW content and mention of female gun owners, it included an interview with Robyn Thomas, the executive director of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a prominent anti-Second Amendment organization. photo from

“(They said) they thought it was so important to hear from women and hear what they thought about the Second Amendment, concealed carry, and the National Reciprocity Act. So we did just that,” she said. “These six women shared their stories about why it’s so important for us to have the ability to protect ourselves all over this country and they did so with, I would say, grace and they were articulate and extremely powerful compelling stories.”

The problem is, when Lightfoot watched the special, which aired on Feb. 11, not a single piece of footage or mention of female gun owners and concealed carry was included.

“If you saw the show, not a moment of that was shared. Not a moment. In fact, women gun owners were not represented in that show at all. Not a single word,” she said. “I was so frustrated by that…I think our stories and the messages that we shared and how normal we were wasn’t what they wanted the American public to see. They didn’t want the American public to understand just how normal, responsible, smart, articulate we are as American gun owners. They didn’t want that seen.”

“It’s not that we weren’t on TV, that wasn’t it. It was that a very important truthful message was not heard because it scared them,” she said.

Lightfoot also said that the claim made by 60 Minutes, that the NRA refused to comment or participate in the interviews was false.

“The NRA actually opened up the headquarters and its shooting range for the film crew to fllm some of the portions for this show. It looks like the appointment was rescheduled, and after that I don’t know what happened. Just a real falsehood there, trying to demonize the NRA,” she said.

Lightfoot went on to say that she was most upset by the show’s depiction of the American gun owners and called on gun owners and those concerned with Second Amendment rights to let CBS know how they feel.

“I think it’s important we understand the truth and that we all stand up. Go to their Facebook pages, go to CBS and 60 Minutes, and let them know. Let them know what you think about being fed information and not trusting us as citizens, as intelligent people who can make our own decision.”

You can watch Lightfoot’s video here.

You can watch the full 60 Minutes episode and read a transcript here.