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The poster for *Live Free or Die Hard*.
The poster for Live Free or Die Hard. photo from

After more than 10 years, John McClane returned for a new sequel that bears very little resemblance to the previous films, other than the face that it includes a character named John McClane played by Bruce Willis, who has a shaved head in the role for the first time.

John is still single, his kids grown, and still working for the NYPD, having apparently quit drinking and made it to the rank of Detective Lieutenant. He’s given a late night task to accompany a high value hacker suspect from Newark, NJ to Washington D.C., and all hell breaks look when a hacker mastermind begins an all out assault on the country.


SIG-Sauer P220R

John ditches his Beretta in this movie for a SIG-Sauer P220R in a shoulder holsters.

if anything, the film is more reminiscent of DHWAV than the first two movies, with John pairing up with Matt Farrrell (Justin Long), a wisecracking young hacker who John saves from being assassinated for his unknowing involvement with the attack. The pair then bounce around from Newark to D.C. to a records storage facility in Virginia.

When the film opens, we see John has ditched his Beretta for a SIG-Sauer P220R, still carried in a shoulder holster.

McClane reloads his SIG in while taking cover behind a refrigerator.
McClane reloads his SIG in while taking cover behind a refrigerator. photo from

The pistol choice is more in line with what the NYPD approved for carry in 2007, though the model approved by the department is the P226 DAO.

McClane uses the SIG during the shootout at Matt’s apartment, changing mags while behind cover several times.


Beretta PX4 Storm

John loses his SIG and carries a Beretta PX4 Storm that he picks up off a bad guy.

During the confrontation with Mai Linh (Maggie Q) in the power plant, she takes the P220 and holds it on Matthew Farrell (Justin Long).

After McClane hits her with an SUV, she loses the gun and it is never seen again.

After he loses his SIG, McClane begins carrying another Beretta (which was the company’s newest pistol at the time), a Px4 Storm which he gets from Russo (Yorgo Constantine). McClane carries the pistol for the rest of the movie.


Glock 22

McClane briefly uses a Glock 22.

At one point, McClane briefly uses a Glock 22 tha the takes off a terrorist disguised as an FBI agent.

Other FBI agents, including Director Miguel Bowman (Cliff Curtis) and some of the D.C. police officers also carry Gen3 Glock 22s.


IWI Jericho 941 R

McClane forces the head bad guy tho shoot himself through a bullet wound he already had in his shoulder. There goes his tennis game.

When McClane finally confronts the main bad guy Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), he’s taken hostage after Gabriel uses a Jericho 941 R to shoot Matt in the leg and threaten to kill John’s daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

Gabriel presses the muzzle of the pistol into a gunshot wound in John’s shoulder while holding him hostage from behind. However, John cowboys up, drops his signature catch phrase, and presses the trigger, putting another bullet through his original wound and into Gabriel, killing him.

All in all, this stands as the only Die Hard movie so far where McClane doesn’t use a Beretta 92FS at all. He uses one briefly in the next installment at the beginning during a shooting range scene, but uses other guns for the rest of the movie.

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