Load Your Revolver in Less than Three Seconds
Load Your Revolver in Less than Three Seconds
photo by Iron Sights via flickr.com

Revolvers run out of ammo well before semiautos and need to be reloaded more frequently in a match. The ability to execute a fast reload is a key skill. The fastest and most foolproof method with either speedloaders or moon clips is the strong-hand reload.

After the last shot, the first movement (for a right-handed shooter) is for the thumb of the right hand to hit the cylinder release while simultaneously sliding the left hand under the gun to the right side. The two middle fingers on the left hand then push cylinder open and they follow the cylinder through the frame to hold the gun. The left hand now has full control of the gun, which frees the strong hand to grab ammo. The muzzle is then canted upwards and the thumb of the left hand hits the ejector rod to eject the empty cases, while the right hand retrieves the speedloader or moon clip from a holder located in front of the holster.

The gun is then tilted muzzle-down and the rounds inserted into the cylinder. If a speedloader is used, just drop it. You can pick it up later.

The strong hand then shifts onto the grip while the thumb of the left hand pushes the cylinder closed and rotates it to the bolt stop lockup, and then resumes the shooting grip. The same procedure works just fine for left-handed shooters if they initially shift the gun to their right hand and then follow this same procedure.

Done smoothly, it takes less than three seconds to reload a revolver and get off a shot.