Laugo Arms seemingly drew on otherworldly inspiration when it designed the 9mm Alien pistol.

The intriguing pistol has been teased by the manufacturer over the last few months, but there was little in the way of concrete info floating across the interwebs. The photo on their Facebook page appears to pay homage to Ridley Scott’s Alien protagonists from the blockbuster franchise. That influence is also seen in the pistol’s design, resembling the oversized cranium of Scott’s extraterrestrials.

With a concept and purpose similar to that of the Chiappa Rhino revolver that you’ve seen in numerous movies and the fairly new Hudson H9A, the Czech-made Laugo Arms Alien brings its fixed barrel down as low as possible, bringing it more in line with the shooter’s hand, where you would normally find the guide rod on a striker-fired pistol. The lower bore axis greatly reduces muzzle flip, making for faster follow-up shots.

The gun operates using a delayed-blowback gas action, utilizing a rather unique slide piston and return spring in a one-piece U-shaped unit. The slide contains the bolt face, and is open on the top. The top part of the three-piece receiver holds the hammer, which swings downward, similar to the Kriss Vector.

The top of the pistol, which does not move during firing, can be removed by simply pulling a pin, and swapped out for another. This means you can use your favorite red dot at the range and switch over to iron sights when carrying concealed, without losing zero. This also means that fixed sights or optics don’t move with the slide, but rather are fixed, along with the barrel, which could improve accuracy.

As you can tell from the video above, little has changed from the prototype released a year ago. Laugo hopes to have the handgun on the U.S. market in 2019.