We reported on the M3 Foldable Glock 19 coming from Full Conceal earlier this year when it was still just a prototype. Now, the unconventional design is actually headed for guns shops.

Here’s how it works. The polymer Glock grip is cut and separated at the top and the trigger guard is replaced with a jointed contraption, which allows the grip, including magazine, to fold forward, making the pistol into a sort of rectangle.

When the gun is unfolded, or deployed, the hinge becomes a somewhat oversized trigger guard and the gun works normally.

Now for some specs. When it’s folded, the M3 is just 3.6 inches high and uses a 21-round Magpul PMAG GL9 magazine that serves as part of the grip when the gun is deployed. The slide is a standard G19 slide, meaning you can use another upper if you so desire, as well as any Glock sights.


The very concept has gotten a lot of flak on social media with people asking questions like, “So you have unfold the gun, chamber a round, and then you can defend yourself?” or “Hold on Mr. Bad Guy, let me open my gun here…”

Why on earth would anyone need this or want to add an extra step to their ability to defend themselves?

Let’s break it down.

First, the fact that the gun cannot be fired when it’s folded is key. BEcause there is no trigger to protect (it folds up too), there’s no real need for a holster. And, as you can see from the video above, the M3 can certainly be folded with a round in the chamber, meaning it’s one simple motion to unfold the gun, and then it’s ready to fire.

The M3 as it opens. Notice how the magazines is correctly positioned.
The M3 as it opens. Notice how the magazines is correctly positioned. mfg photo

So the other question is why bother, when there are plenty of pocket-sized pistols out there that don’t need to be folded up to be concealable. Very true.

Again, the fact that the gun folds into a rectangle and does not require a holster to carry safely means it can be carried in more off-the-body situations while remaining safe. Additionally, you get a compact package, that doesn’t print like a handgun but more like a smartphone, allowing it to be carried in a coat pocket or a cargo pant pocket discretely and safely. Additionally, the M3 also has a full-sized magazine, even if it does extend well below the grip when the gun is deployed.

Will it require a little training to be fast enough for defense? Certainly. But so does drawing a handgun from a concealed holster.

This is just another of many carry options out there that could be ideal for some people and some situations.

The M3 Folding Glock 19 fully deployed.
The M3 Folding Glock 19 fully deployed. mfg photo