Man Carrying Daughter Shoots at Robbers

When four men tried to rob this dad outside a McDonald's, they were met with gunfire.

A man carrying his child was able to defend himself and his daughter from four robbers out this week because he was armed.

According to this story from, four men in Memphis, Tennessee approached a man leaving a McDonald’s yesterday near the intersection of S. Trezevant Street and Lamar Avenue who was carrying his daughter in his arms.

A witness reported to the news channel that the man pulled a gun and opened fire on the group of robbers, shooting one of them.

The McDonald’s in Memphis where a man shot at four robbers who accosted him while he was holding his daughter in his arms.

The suspects drove away, but one “showed up later at a nearby fire department,” presumably because he was the one wounded in the exchange. The story says she was taken to a hospital in “non-critical condition.” The other suspects remain at large.

This just show, you never know when your day-to-day activities will call upon you to defend yourself or your family, and that pretty much no scenario is too outlandish to train for.