Arizona State Troopers at the scene. photo from USA Today.

On Thursday, on an isolated stretch of Interstate 10, an Arizona State Trooper had been shot and was struggling for his life with a gunman. A motorist, who was with his wife, stopped his car when he came upon a rollover accident before sunrise and saw the officer struggling, according to this story from USA Today.

The man approached, saw the wounded trooper being beaten severely and yelling for help, and ran back to his car. He retrieved his concealed carry firearm and shot the man attacking the trooper. He died at the scene.

The story says the trooper, who is a 27-year veteran of the force, is in stable condition after being shot by his assailant in the shoulder and chest. At the time the story was written, he was scheduled to undergo surgery.

The story says he was driving at about 4 a.m. MT to milepost 81 on I-10, about 40 miles west of downtown Phoenix, after a caller reported a car in the freeway median that had fired twice at his vehicle.

As he headed west, the unidentified trooper came across a rollover accident at milepost 89.

“We believe the suspect was in the rolled-over car, but it hasn’t been confirmed,” said Capt. Damon Cecil of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, USA Today reported.

As the trooper was placing flares in the darkness, the gunman ambushed him, shooting the trooper twice. The shoulder wound disabled the trooper’s gun hand, but he was still able to fight the man and prevent him from shooting him again.

When the also-unidentified civilian saw the man on top of the trooper, beating his head against the pavement, he asked the trooper if he needed help, the story says. The civilian then shot the man and used the radio in his police car to call for help.

The story says medical helicopters flew the trooper, the gunman, and an unidentified woman who had been ejected from the rollover accident to the hospital.

It’s a true incident of a good guy with a gun being in the right place at the right time.

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