According to this post on, a number of Californians plan to simply not comply with their state’s new spate of restrictive gun laws.

A man who gave his name only as “Joe” is interviewed in the story while at the LAX Firing Range near the Los Angeles airport, and was asked about a law that will force gun owners to register their “military-style rifles” with a state agency—or sell them (out of state) or destroy them.

“F—— ’em! Do you know how many I’d have to register?” he said, before declining to answer his own question.

From the story:

Some gun owners are saying that they will refuse to recognize the new requirements.

AR Rifles Selling Out in California Ahead of New Gun Laws

“(He) is one of many California gun owners who are voicing their outrage at a package of new firearms laws signed into law last month by Gov. Jerry Brown. The most controversial mandate is a ban on new sales of semiautomatic rifles and pistols with detachable magazines by the end of the year, and a requirement that current owners of such weapons register them with the California Department of Justice by 2018. Under the law, owners of assault weapons will also have to submit to periodic inspection of those firearms by law enforcement officials.”

The legislation also includes background checks for every ammunition purchase, and a ban on the possession of magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

Critics say that this approach has been tried before and failed to stem gun violence. In 1994, Congress passed an assault weapons ban heavily backed by then President Bill Clinton, similar to California’s. The federal ban prohibited the sale of firearms with certain mechanical features found on AR and AK rifles. It was in place for 10 years before it was allowed to expire during President George W. Bush’s administration.

More than 12,000 guns are stolen every year, and many of those have been used in crimes.

California Criminals Get Their Guns From Black Market

When the ban took effect, the story says sales of the guns increased as manufacturers tweaked firearms to make them compliant.

The story says many owners of ARs and other firearms that will be banned are pledging to defy the laws, which expand a 1989 assault weapons ban and registry that already has about 150,000 rifles, pistols, and shotguns on it.

Gun rights groups predict most gun owners won’t register, citing what has occurred in New York and Connecticut since 2013, where a very low percentage of “military-style rifle owners” appear to have complied with state laws to register.