Melodie Mackson: The Cerakote Chick

Cerakote has become a lot more than a rugged, protective coating for your firearm.

For those not familiar, Cerakote is a composite coating consisting of mainly ceramic and polymer compounds that is known for its resistance to solvents, corrosion, abrasion, and wear, as well as impact strength and hardness. The coating can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood, making it useful to a number of industries including aerospace, heavy equipment, and firearms. These coatings are far superior to traditional finishes, as seen in these time-lapse videos on Cerakote’s site.

When the coating first came out, the emphasis in the firearm industry was on the functional properties of the product: creating a low-maintenance finish on firearms to survive in harsh environments. But as time went on, many firearms custom shops saw the potential to give a personal touch to their pieces. First up were durable camouflage finishes, but soon, people started experimenting with more outlandish patterns and colors. A quick glance at Cerakote’s gallery gives a hint at how versatile it is.

Some customizers are more creative than others, and Melodie Mackson of Cerakote Chick is one such artist. She has given countless firearms Cerakote treatment, with results from ranging mild to wild. Her signature look involves bright, eye-popping colors and animal prints, as seen in the video above by

To find a qualified technician to coat your firearms locally, check out the Applicator Finder on Cerakote’s web page.