A Message To Anti-Gunners Who Say Women Can't Defend Themselves

In a recent article for the NRA's America's 1st Freedom website, veteran, champion shooter, and mom Julie Golob took on a recent op-ed from the Huffington Post and the anti-gun media that portrays a female who safely and effectively wields a firearms to protect herself as weak and irresponsible.

In the context of whether or not individuals should be allowed to carry firearms on college campuses, the HuffPo culumn noted that "The chances that a man, for example, truly intending harm will be able to get a gun away from a woman are high."

Golob publicly disagreed. "Out of fear and ignorance, the anti-gunner ignores that concealed carry is a choice, and that anyone who chooses to carry a firearm is required to abide by laws regarding age requirements and other criteria, including alcohol," she wrote. "The female college student who chooses to carry during study isn't brandishing her firearm at a frat party. She defies the typical stereotype in which the anti-gunner tries to typecast her."

In August we reported on a statement made by Leah Gunn Barrett, the executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, that was very close to the sentiment in the HuffPo editorial. Barrett said, "Women are not physically powerful like men are. A gun can be easily turned on a woman, and it is frequently. Guns do not make you safer."

Golob goes on to explain that just carrying a gun increases a woman's awareness of her surroundings, which in turn makes her a less likely target, and that a large responsibility and a lot of inconvenience come with carrying.

"But all of it is worth it to her, because she values her life more than someone who preaches that she is too weak to own or use a gun values her," Golob writes. "To disarm women...because they are the weaker sex, all because carrying a firearm responsibly "might" not work, sends exactly the wrong message. It teaches women to be victims."