When up against gun anti-gun arguments, wouldn’t it be nice to point to a case study that shows how gun control efforts might play out if they were put into effect? We might have to look no farther than our neighbor to the south.

According to the NRA-ILA, gun control laws are strict in Mexico and they read a lot like a wish list of the anti-gun crowd.

For Mexican citizens to legally own a gun, they must undergo a process that requires them to pass a background check, which looks at criminal history, mental history, physical health, and any past drug addictions, the story says.

CBS says it’s a requirement that applicants submit six pieces of documentation: a birth certificate, a letter confirming employment, proof of a clean criminal history form the attorney general’s office in the applicant’s home state, a utility bill with current address, a copy of a government-issued ID and a federal social security number.

Add a headshot and you could get a passport in the U.S. with all that.

Additionally, all privately owned firearms must be registered with the government.

Even if you meet all the requirements, the options for gun purchases are limited to government-approved weapons.

From the story:

“Civilians are not allowed to possess weapons of war, including automatic firearms; sub-machine guns; machine guns; .357 Magnum revolvers and those greater than .38 caliber; handguns greater than 9mm; rifles and carbines of .223, 7mm, 7.62 and .30 calibers; or shotguns with barrels shorter than 635mm or greater than 12 gauge.”

And on top of that, there’s only one place in the whole country where you can buy a gun.

There’s only one place in the entire country where citizens can buy a gun, and doing so is extremely difficult.

Mexico: An Example of Restricted Constitutional Rights

Getting a carry license is an entirely different process that requires more paperwork, and third-party references.

So, with all these restrictions in place, one would think crime would be low and guns would be scarce.

The post says it’s quite the contrary, ad that Mexico is so dangerous that the International Institute for Strategic Studies lists the nation as second only to Syria when it comes to “armed conflict.”

“And when you think about the fact that Syria is a war-torn nation, ravaged by years of unchecked civil war, the amount of violence required to rank Mexico as number two is breathtaking.”

This story from CBS says “Mexico has a homicide rate more than five times higher than in the U.S.”

The story says the findings of the Small Arms Survey and the 2012 Congressional Research Service Report found the U.S. ranked number one in the world in per-capita gun ownership, but the U.S. did not even crack the top 10 when it came to firearm-related deaths.

“Yes, this is contrary to everything the gun control lobby teaches and preaches. Yet unlike so many of their claims, these points are substantiated,” the post says.

To read the full story from NRA-ILA, go here.