Micro-RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion: Coming to the Range
The Micro RONI from CAA will be available soon for Glock Gen 3 and 4 handgun models. web photo

A few years back, CAA introduced the RONI, a conversion kit for Glock pistols that turned them into a carbine, of sorts. The aluminum and polymer RONI unit doesn’t add barrel length, but it surrounds the pistols, adding an adjustable stock with a cheekplate, a vertical foregrip for increased accuracy and lots of rail space for optics and a tac light. Plus, the buttstock has a spot to store an extra magazine.

The idea was to offer a cost-saving alternative to a sub-machine gun or carbine for cash-strapped police departments and for civilians.

For all the features it adds, the Roni also adds considerable bulk and width to the pistol. Now, CAA is offering something far more compact and stowable, the Micro-Roni. (Go ahead, try not to say it as “macaroni.”) Like its bigger brother, it also offers plenty of rail space for optics, including a top rail long enough for a combination of red-dot and magnifier and/or night vision optics. There’s also side-rail space for sling attachment points, lights, and lasers, but saves space up front by combining the vertical forward grip and the spare magazine keeper.

Micro-RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion: Coming to the Range
The original RONI is available for several pistol models in addition to Glock handguns, and requires an NFA tax stamp. web photo

But the buttstock is where the real differences lie. The description for the Micro RONI on the CAA site says the unit “features a folding mechanism for a sturdier position and equipped with an adjustable nylon brace.”

That’s an important distinction, because a pistol with a stock affixed falls under the All Other Weapon category of the National Firearms Act, requiring a $200 tax stamp and a hefty amount of paperwork, headshots, and fingerprints.

But a brace attached to a pistol and not used as a stock, is not a stock, and therefore doesn’t require the NFA tax stamp. It’s worth noting that the product page for the Micro RONI doesn’t include a banner specifically saying it doesn’t require a tax stamp like some of their other products (more on that later). So, it might be worth waiting to see what the site says once it’s finally on sale.

UPDATE 10/7/16: The CAA website now lists the Micro RONI STAB with a stabilizer instead of a buttstock as a separate product, though from the photos it is unclear if it comes with the same forgrip/magazine storage location as the Micro RONI.

Micro-RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion: Coming to the Range
The Micro RONI’s brace folds against the side of the pistol and includes a single-point sling attachment and a storage compartment for a spare magazine inside the integrated vertical foregrip. web photo

The simple folding brace can be adjusted for length of pull a bit by extending the buttplate. Collapsed, it has a length of 21.9-inches and no cheekplate. The Micro RONI can still be fired with the brace folded against the side of the pistol, and there’s also a single-point sling attachment just in front of the brace’s hinge.

You don’t have to disassemble the pistol to attach the Micro RONI—just lock it into place. All controls are ambidextrous, including the slide/cocking mechanism. It also features right and left serrated thumb-rests for better control over recoil and muzzle-rise. The company also offers an integrated tactical light as an optional accessory. The unit fits only Glock Gen 3 and 4 pistols, including compensated models and comes with a 10-year warranty and is available in black, tan, and olive green.

Micro-RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion: Coming to the Range
The Micro RONI is fully ambidextrous and can be fired with the brace folded. web photo

If compactness isn’t your goal, it’s worth checking out some of CAA’s other products, like the RONI Civilian Pistol Carbine Conversion C-G2. This model is much larger than the original RONI with an overall length of 18.5 inches, but that includes a new 16-inch barrel for the Glock pistol, making it a true carbine, and letting it qualify as a rifle, requiring no NFA paperwork. Since it requires a new, unique barrel, the C-G2 is only available in 9mm for the Glock 17 and G17C.

The RONI C-G2 comes with tons of rail space at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock and an integrated folding, detachable vertical foregrip as well as the extra magazine keeper. The barrel is fully shrouded by the unit, allowing the shooter to rest it on cover while shooting. It also adds a manual safety to the Glock in the form of a swiveling trigger-guard cover. Since the kit has to be used with the 16-inch barrel, disassembly of the pistol is required for attachment.

CAA also offers a number of accessory products for the RONI units, such as a brass-catcher, a discreet carry bag, slings and sling-mounts, and folding iron sights.

Micro-RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion: Coming to the Range
The RONI Civilian Pistol Carbine Conversion C-G2 includes a 16″ replacement barrel for the Glock 17 or 17C in 9mm. Because of the extended barrel, the C-G2 qualifies as a rifle and can include a stock without requiring NFA paperwork. web photo

There is also a version of the original RONI called the RONI-STAB with a stabilizer instead of a buttstock, which also requires no NFA paperwork.

The original RONI is also available in three colors for many non-Glock pistols, including the Berette PX 4 Storm 9mm and FS92/M9; CZ Duty 07 and P-07/P-09; H&K USP9; Sig Suer P226 and 2022; the Springfield XD with 4” barrel; Armscore / Rock Island Armory TCM22 M1911 A2 FS; Jericho Poltmer PL, PSL, the Bersa Thunder with 4- or 3-inch barrel; and the Bul Cherokee in 9mm standard and compact.

Micro RONI Specifications

Overall Length (Brace Open): 56.7 cm

Overall Length (Brace Closed): 34.8 cm

Width: 2.48″

Height: 5.7″

Length: 13.7″


RONI C-G2 Specifications

Max Overall Length: 27.1″

Height: 5.51″

Width: 2.55″

Weight: 56.79 ounces (without pistol or ammo)

MSRP: $592