It appears, in this most bizarre of election seasons, it’s totally viable for a man running a gubernatorial campaign to run an ad that pretty much consists of him firing a minigun for about 20 seconds, spewing casings and links everywhere.

And it’s pretty awesome.

Eric Greitens is a 42-year-old former Navy SEAL who won the state of Missouri’s Republican primary on Tuesday. He squares off against the state’s Democrat Attorney General in a race to replace term-limited Gov. Jay Nixon, according to this story from

Though he’s on the young side for political office, he has an impressive resume beyond his service in the armed forces. He’s a Rhodes Scholar with a Ph. D. from Oxford University, author, photographer, and humanitarian, the story says.

The story says he fires a “Gatling-style machine gun into a lake.” It’s hardly a Gatling gun. The electric-powered machine gun Greitens is firing looks to be a Dillon Aero M134D-H, or similar model. That weapon has a variable rate of fire that ranges between 2,000 and 6,000 rounds per minute.

That means if the gun in the ad is set to the lowest cyclic rate, Greitens likely dumped around 667 rounds on camera. No matter what his politics are, that’s pretty sweet.