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A sheriff in Missouri has joined the long line of sheriffs throughout the country who say they want local residents to carry guns Sheriff Wayne Merritt is so behind it, he recently dropped the price of concealed carry permits in his county from $100 to $65 in an effort to entice more people to get theirs, according to this CBS story.

Merritt told the news station that just the knowledge that more people are carrying concealed weapons will be a deterrent to mass shootings.

“I just think people having CCWs—you don’t know whether they’re armed or not—and you’re a little more reluctant to go in and shoot a place up or rob people,” Merritt said. “I think people have the right—if they want to have a concealed firearm and are law-abiding citizens—that they have a right to carry a concealed weapon.”

The folks over at wondered why a CCW permit application cost $100 to begin with.

Their post says the Missouri General Assembly set the max fee limit at $100, but it’s up to the county sheriffs to set the fee at a lower price if they so choose. Also, sheriffs can only charge $50 or less for a CCW permit renewal.