The future of the shooting lifestyle rests in the same hands as the future of everything—today’s youth. Part of the responsibility of this generation of shooters is to teach them two things: how to shoot, and gun safety. One Missouri shooting range definitely realizes this, and offers specialized classes for just for kids.

In this story from Fox10, several parents are interviewed who brought their kids to one of the classes at Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and there’s a heavy emphasis on gun safety above all else.

“In real life, kids run into situations,” said Darin Wilson, who brought his son to the class in hopes it will teach him the true firepower behind any gun, the story says. “They need to know how to handle them in a safe manner and stay out of trouble.”

Another father, Michael Melching, had his 9-year-old son enrolled in the class and had similar sentiments.

“It’s just for safety,” he said in the story. “He’s over at a lot of friends’ houses. You just never know.”

From the story: “The goal of the class is to take away the mystery of a gun by letting a child shoot it. Their mantra: Don’t make guns taboo. Learn about them.”

Bren Brown, owner of Frontier Justice, told Fox, “What’s the first thing we do as mothers when we have children around swimming? We drag them to swimming lessons so they don’t drown.”

Children must be 48 inches tall and have a parent with them, and can use either their own gun or a rental.

The story says the network reached out to several organizations and police departments to see if anyone was against these types of classes, and the response they got was that teaching kids about guns is an important safety step, and these parents are often responsible gun owners. They also found that a number of ranges in the area offer similar classes and even birthday parties for kids.

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