It always seems terrorists and other bad actors target so-called gun-free zones. The reasons are obvious to many: because they’re unprotected, vulnerable targets. But those who oppose the very existence of firearms believe that creating these zones will actually protect them somehow.

According to this story from, a bill currently working its way through the Missouri state legislature would say that if a business owner doesn’t allow a concealed carrier to be armed on the premises, they are then responsible for their safety.

Missouri House Bill 300 was pre-filed ahead of the 2017 legislative session by Republican state Rep. Mike Moon of Missouri’s 157th District, the story says.

“If they’re not going to allow people to protect themselves if they have a need to, then they need to be responsible for the care of that individual if they’re harmed,” Moon said in the story.

In the story, Moon references the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting that occurred in 2012.

“If I remember correctly, he lived within 20 minutes or so of 7 different theaters. All but one didn’t allow guns and guess which one he choose to attack?” said Moon in the story. “I don’t think we should have our hands tied by a business or someone else, even by the government, disallowing us to use whatever means we have available to protect ourselves.”

The bill would have to be recommended to a committee before any vote could take place. Moon brought similar legislation earlier this year, but it wasn’t brought to the house floor for a vote.

The state legislature convenes on Jan. 4.

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