MOJO Outdoors Pick Stick
The Pick Stick from MOJO Outdoors makes picking up spent shotgun shells easy.

You can easily visualize how some inventions came about, and the Pick Stick from MOJO Outdoors is no exception: After having a fine time using a hand thrower to toss clay birds over a field, a few shotgun enthusiasts might have looked around at all the spent shotgun shell hulls in the grass and wished they had a better way to pick them up—a way that isn’t so hard on their backs. And then one guy might have said, “Hmm, what if we had a stick with a magnet on it?”

Voila—no more bending over to retrieve shells one at a time.

The Pick Stick is basically an adjustable hiking pole with a magnet that will grab two-dozen shells at a time. You just run your hand down the pole to drop the spent shells into a bucket. The stick’s magnet is designed to cause the hulls to “walk” up the side of the lower few inches of the pole so the shells don’t jam up at the bottom. It’s easy to pick up shells for reloading or to clean up after a good time at the range. It retails for $39.99 at Bass Pro Shops, and you can see a video of it here: