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The fall gun show at the Florence Civic Center reflected a trend we’ve been reporting about all summer—more women are hunting, participating in shooting sports, and buying guns.

According to this story from, vendors like Stan Davis, who was at the South Carolina show that attracted 270 vendors across the Southeast, said they noticed a difference at this year’s second show.

“I have seen an increase in ladies coming in and buying small arms for themselves, getting signed up for CWP classes,” said Davis, who owns S&R Gun Sales and attends the show every spring and fall.

Executive Director of Paladin Training and CWP Instructor Steve Cooper told the news channel that more women are turning to guns for protection.

“They’re reminded that the world is a dangerous place when something bad happens to somebody else and they decide, ‘Okay, I’ve waited long enough, now it’s time for me to get the permit,'” Cooper said.

Cooper went on to say that while protection seems to be the driving force behind the growth in the female shooter demographic, education is the most critical thing the industry must focus on.

“Firearm training is really important. You’re dealing with something that can hurt people if you mishandle it, so it’s important to get good, quality training,” Cooper said.