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We’ve done plenty of reporting on the surging gun sales of late, which have also caused a surge in sales for gun accessories like holsters, cleaning supplies, targets, ammo, clothing, you name it. But one essential and high-priced item has also been riding the coattails of the gun boom, one we don’t often think about: gun safes.

This story from has Chris Ciko, manager of Liberty Safes of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, talking about the business changes he’s been experiencing.

Ciko said in the story he’s been seeing what a lot of gun retailers have been seeing—a lot of people are buying guns, and safes to put them in, for the first time.

“People are panicking,” Ciko said in the story. “They think something is coming and they know the police can’t be there for everything. When gun sales go up, the safes go with it.”

Ciko estimates that his company’s sales have doubled in the last month. The reason for a gun safe? Guns are valuable and are often targeted for theft. It only makes sense to buy a new safe for a new gun.

According to the story, more than 183,000 guns were reported stolen in the U.S. in 2012, with 1,562 guns reported stolen in the Garden State.

Project ChildSafe distributes free gun locks each year through local police departments, but they address part of the issue.

“There are so many ways people can secure their firearms,” said Bob Viden of Bob’s Little Sports Shop in Glassboro, N.J., noting that there are many options for guns owners. “I like safes because they are out of sight.”

What should you look for in a gun safe if you’re a first time buyer? It can get confusing, with everything from single-handgun safes to refrigerator-sized safes costing thousands of dollars.

First, you have to decide how many guns you want a safe to hold, and if you want to keep other valuables in it, such as jewelry and important documents.

“They want something heavy so that somebody can’t carry it out of their house,” Chiko said in the story. “Then they go with fire protection and how many guns they want to put in a safe.”

Liberty’s “Presidential” model has pistol pockets on the door and space for about 40 long guns.

Do they work, when it comes to protecting valuables from things like fire? Ciko showed the reporter from a battered safe that was recovered from the basement of a home that had burned down. It had been located on the first floor, but fell into the basement and sat in water for about five weeks until it could be recovered. “Everything in the safe was fine,” Ciko said in the story.

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