Whether measured by gun sales, concealed-carry class attendance, or NICS checks, it’s clear more and more people of all walks are buying guns.

New numbers out of Massachusetts show more residents than ever are getting their carry licenses, and it mirrors trends in other parts of the nation, like we’re seeing in Michigan: Many of them are women.

According to this story from, the number of gun carry licenses issued in The Bay State is up by 66 percent since 2010.

The news station’s numbers show 378,642 people, or one in every 14 adults, has a gun carry license in Massachusetts. That’s up from 227,612 in 2010.

By state law, Massachusetts residents need a license to carry to purchase, possess, transport, or carry all large and non-large-capacity handguns, rifles, shotguns, and feeding devices as well as ammunition. It also allows the carrying of concealed handguns.

Another 38,666 state residents have a Firearms ID card, which permits the purchase, possession, and transportation of non-large-capacity rifles, shotguns, and ammo.

The news station discovered that the number of women getting firearms licenses was rising over the past three to four years.

The story says the city of Westfield has had the largest spike in women who are obtaining gun licenses, with 883. It’s the 32nd largest city in the state, but ranks sixth on the list of cities with women who have gun licensees.

“The numbers have increased dramatically,” said Westfield Police Chief John Camerota, who is responsible for issuing the licenses in the city. “The main reason is they’re concerned for their safety and they want to be able to do something if they’re in a position where their life was threatened.”

At the beginning of the month, we reported that, since 2007, women in Michigan with concealed-carry permits have increased by about 230 percent. Numbers in Louisiana show more women there are buying guns and getting concealed-carry permits, and the same is true in South Carolina and many other states.