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We’ve often reported that women are a growing segment in the shooting and home-defense markets, but now, numbers from Southwick Associates show that the number of female hunters in the U.S. is also growing.

Today, women make up more than 11 percent of hunters. As a result, women are a growing buying force that outdoor businesses are trying to reach, the release from Southwick says.

You can see Southwick’s full report and statistic breakdown, entitled “Women in the Outdoors in 2015,” here.

So, what kind of hunting are women doing the most? It looks as if whitetail deer is the most popular game, just as it is with men. A higher percentage of men (76 percent) than women (59 percent) hunt with rifles, but a larger percentage of women (47 percent) use shotguns compared with men (43 percent).

The report says 28 percent of women enjoy archery, compared to 23 percent of men.

Ammunition is still the most purchased item of outdoor, hunting, or shooting equipment, regardless of gender.

“Women are a huge part of the outdoor market and even influence spending decisions by others in their households. Smart companies need to reach out to the female segment,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the surveys at,, and “Our annual ‘Women in the Outdoors’ report offers a lot of insight on this consumer segment not found anywhere else.”

The report also reveals insights about the type of media females turn to for information, especially information that influences their purchase decisions.