After gun stocks fell sharply following the announcement of Donald Trump’s presidential win, this story from CBS says gun sales are still expected to surge for the holiday season, but with a new demographic.

The story says gun retailers are seeing more women and the elderly buying their first firearm.

After Trump’s win, the National Rifle Association, which endorsed the Republican candidate, relaunched an ad campaign reminding people, particularly women, to arm themselves.

“We’ve had a general increase in the female population looking for (guns),” said Robert Boike, a volunteer at Home Safety Academy in Florida, a firearm training facility. “We have had a general increase in the individuals that have been victims of violence against women. They have been looking for a means to defend themselves.”

Still, Boike said Trump didn’t do gun makers any favors by winning the election.

“Now that the reverse has happened since Trump has been put into office, now (gun companies) have this glut of firearms and ammunition, you will see some significant savings in sales.”

The story says that fear of gun regulation has been a major driver of sales over the past eight years of Barack Obama’s administration. The FBI has already processed nearly 22.2 million NICS background checks in the first ten months of 2016, but that waxing moon may finally be ready to wane. Only time will tell if the demand for guns will dip, plateau, or rise in 2017.

But one thing is for sure, as more women flock to gun shops and training centers, they seem to be ignoring Kim Kardashian and her siblings’ calls for tighter gun control. According to this story on, an upcoming episode of Kardashian’s reality show will feature Kim urging her sisters to meet with families of people affected by gun violence and join her in a gun control push.

Kardashian has been called a gun control activist because she has a habit of Tweeting her feelings after mass shootings. On October 3, Kardashian was allegedly robbed of about $7 million in jewels at gunpoint in a Paris hotel. France has extremely strict gun control laws. In response to the robbery, Kardashian increased her armed security.