The new Mossberg 590 Nighstick is a version of the Shockwave with wooden and leather furniture.
The new Mossberg 590 Nighstick is a version of the Shockwave with wooden and leather furniture. Mossberg

It’s no secret that the Mossberg 590 Shockwave line of non-NFA shorty pump guns has been selling really well since it was introduced a couple of years ago. Now, the company is offering the popular scattergun in a bit of a throwback configuration. The new 590 Nightstick is now shipping with wooden furniture and a leather strap replacing the synthetic and nylon components of previous Shockwave iterations.

The 12 gauge Nightstick has a hardwood corncob-style foregrip on the pump and a wooden Raptor pistol grip from Shockwave Technologies on the back. A leather strap has been tapped into the foregrip to help keep the shooter’s support hand from drifting in front of the short muzzle.


Like the regular 12 gauge Shockwave, the Nightstick comes with a 14-inch cylinder bore barrel and measures at 16.37 inches overall. It has a 6-shot tubular magazine (2.75″ shells) and a 3-inch chamber with a weight of 5.25 pounds.

Ever since it came out, third party companies have been making wooden furniture for the Shockwave, and there’s no denying it lends the little shotgun an old school charm. The new Nightstick has an MSRP of $539, but the big question is, will Mossberg be selling replacement wood foregrips and pistol grips so we can give our existing Shockwaves a makeover?

The Mossberg Retrograde Persuader and Retrograde 590A1
The Mossberg Retrograde Persuader (top) and Retrograde 590A1. Mossberg

And the Shockwave isn’t the only smoothbore getting a retro facelift. Mossberg is also releasing the Retrograde Persuader, which harkens back to the days when law enforcement used wood furniture Model 500s before polymer stocks came along. It has a dark walnut buttstock and corncob ribbed forend. The Retrograde 590A1 is inspired by the trench guns of World War II featuring the same wooden furniture plus combat sights, a bayonet lug, and a vented heat shield on the barrel. Being a 590A1, it also features a thicker barrel and a more rugged metal trigger guard and safety switch.

What is old is truly new again.