Mother’s Day breathing down your neck and you’re not sure what to get her? If she would rather hit the range than go to brunch, we have a few no-fail suggestions from Range365 contributors for you here. And don’t forget, you can always go to brunch after the range. 5.11 Tactical Defender Flex Slim Pants

photo from 5.11 Tactical


Mom needs comfortable pants when she shoots, trust me, it makes a difference! 5.11 Tactical offers some of the best women’s apparel for time on the range as well as walking around town. Take the Defender Flex Pants as an example. These slim pants fit comfortably with stretch for easy movement.

There are plenty of pockets that are great for holding your cell phone and magazines, but they are tastefully designed so they don’t just look like cargo pants. I have a pair of these pants and have so far worn them around town on a regular basis and ironically have yet to wear them to the range… taking them out shooting will be my Mother’s Day present! MSRP: $69.99 —Jodi Stemler

Ruger PC Carbine

photo from Ruger


If your mom doesn’t do well with a pistol, but goes all Annie O. on a rifle, you might think about getting her this new Ruger PC Carbine, chambered in 9mm, for personal/home defense. At 34+ inches overall, and with a generous bolt charger, this gun comes with a 10/22 trigger, easy takedown and an integrated Picatinny rail. The magazine from Ruger (or you can change out the magazine well to accept a GLOCK magazine) will hold 17.

Another reason she’ll like it, is for the low felt recoil. The gun is built with a custom tungsten dead blow weight that shortens the travel length of the bolt, cutting down on that kick. She also can adjust the length of pull because it comes with 3 ½-inch spacers, and she’ll appreciate its soft buttpad. MSRP: $649 —Barbara Baird

Timberwolf Frames for Glock Pistols

photo from Timberwolf


Does the mom in your family prefer a Glock? It’s hard to go wrong with most any Glock model. The only potential downside is that some with smaller hands might not get an optimal hold and trigger reach because of the grip size and circumference.

If she likes that Glock but would like the grip a tad smaller, then check out the Lone Wolf Timberwolf replacement frame. It’s the slimmest Glock frame in the industry and fits Generation 3, 4, and 5 Glock full-size, compact, and sub-compact models. She can also choose from different configurations including textured and non-textured.

Since the frame is the actual “gun” legally speaking, you’ll need her to complete a background check to take possession even through you’re moving the parts from the existing Glock into the new Lone Wolf Timberwolf frame. MSRP: Coming soon! —Tom McHale

SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact Pistol

photo from Sig Sauer


The new SIG Sauer P365 has the firearms industry buzzing, especially among the ladies! This micro-compact pistol is similar in size to the ever-popular Glock 43, yet holds an astounding 10 rounds, plus one in the chamber! The grip is textured, but not so rough to make your hand raw after shooting multiple rounds.

I had a chance to try it out recently, and I can say that it’s no wonder women love it! When I heard that it had a 10+1 round capacity, I assumed that it would be a bulky gun. Instead, at only an inch wide, this little gun is perfect for everyday carry, every day of the year, hence the name, P365. As with most guns this size, the recoil is a bit snappy, but nothing out of the ordinary. There is also a fully-extended magazine available for the P365 that has a 12+1 round capacity. Mind blown! MSRP: Starts at $599.99 —Stacy Bright

Maglula UpLULA Pistol Loader/Unloader

photo from Maglula


Moms have one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Why add loading mags to her list of things that stress her out? The UpLULA mag loader and unloader is elegant in its simplicity and invaluable to your thumbs. It works with a variety of different calibers in single-stack or double-stack mags, and it comes in multiple colors – like pink and purple. MSRP: $39.99 or less. —T. Logan Metesh

Gun Goddess Ali Concealed Carry Purse

photo from Gun Goddess


Some moms prefer to carry off-body. Fortunately they can avoid the “I’m packing!” signal given off by a fanny pack and blend in with the masses by carrying a purse. But simply tossing your favorite handgun in a pocketbook can leave you furtively digging when seconds count. So this Mother’s Day, pick her up a handbag with a built in holster.

Gun Goddess has a line of functional purses that my wife says are quite stylish, like the Ali Concealed-Carry Cross-Body purse. This fashion forward bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and a turn-twist clasp closure on the main compartment for easy access. The concealed compartment is lockable, and can accommodate both right- and left-hand draw with two zippered openings. And the bag won’t blow your ammo budget. MSRP: $55. —Joseph Albanese

PHLster Flatpack TQ Carrier

photo by Kat Ainsworth


The single-most crucial item in a gun owner’s med kit is a tourniquet (TQ). Suffice to say it doesn’t do you much good if it’s at home or tossed somewhere it can’t be found during a dire moment. Enter the PHLster Flatpack TQ Carrier.

The Flatpack is designed to carry your TQ comfortably and efficiently, and it’s fantastic for storage purposes, too. It measured 5”x2.5” and has an injection-molded plastic backboard with screw-and-post attached loops for belt or MOLLE carry. Elastic shock cords are looped and knotted around the Flatpack to secure your TQ. The cords can be secured in adjustment notches in the backboard.

I’ve found the Flatpack to be an invaluable part of my kit. Whether I’m wearing it on my belt at the range, dropping it in a pants pocket during a hunt, or storing it in my glovebox or pack, it keeps my SOF-TT-W TQ at the ready. What could be a better gift that facilitates the saving of lives? Check out the PHLster Flatpack here and TacMed Solutions SOF-TT-W TQ here. MSRP starts at $24.95. —Kat Ainsworth

FLIR ThermoSight Pro Series PTS233

photo from FLIR


Dear Mom, in honor of your years of diligent, loving service to me and Meg and Dad, and now your grandkid, I’ve splurged and bought you a FLIR ThermoSight Pro for Mother’s Day. I’ll only borrow it on weekends.

This new model has on-chip video processing and an uncompressed 1280×960 feed, so you can capture two-hours of video or 1,000 still images of all my coyote kills. I know how much you like them. It has more color palates than we can remember but testing it this winter I very much liked White Hot and Black Hot, so I’ll make sure it’s setup that way for you.

The two-clip Picatinny mount means we can unsnap it, put it on another gun or use it as a spotting scope, then return it to my AR and it’ll still be sighted in—not that we should have to move it around much. The 4x zoom is excellent and the image is much less pixilated than FLIRs previous model or other thermals that I’ve tried. I’ve considered this because I know your eyes are going. This isn’t an inexpensive, gift, but you’re worth it. Please tell your daughter-in-law how much you like it. Love, Mike. MSRP: $2,199 —Michael R. Shea

ALPS Outdoorz Monarch X hunting pack

photo from ALPS Outdoorz


Having a pack that fits is no joke when you’re hunting, but most hunting packs are sized for men, so they aren’t always particularly comfortable for the female hunter. ALPS Outdoorz has a better option that Mom will definitely appreciate for next year’s hunting season – the Monarch X.

This extreme hunting pack is designed to function just like Dad’s pack, but it’s sized to fit a woman, and trust me, that makes a big difference.

The molded foam suspension and the contoured shoulder straps are specifically designed to fit the female frame offering a shorter torso length and a smaller waist belt. I have worn packs where I can’t cinch down that waist band any farther, which throws off your ability to properly distribute the weight of a full pack.

The Monarch X is comfortable, easy to use and offers all the stash pockets and high-end components you could want in an extreme hunting pack. Trust me, she’s worth it! MSRP: $199.99 —Jodi Stemler

Black Rifle Coffee Club

photo from Black Rifle Coffee


Your mom might enjoy waking up to the idea that she’ll be able to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee made from Black Rifle Coffee Club every morning. Sign her up for the club, and she’ll get freshly roasted coffee monthly – from 1 to 4 bags. Available in whole bean, ground or coffee round textures. I’m currently enjoying the Gunship version, a medium roast of 100% Colombian Excelso beans.

Black Rifle Coffee is veteran owned, and if you join the club, you’ll get discount codes for cool gear and free shipping and discounts for some firearms and associated gear companies. MSRP: $14.99 for 1 bag to $44.99 for 4 bags. —Barbara Baird

Eldris Limited Edition 2018 – Morakniv

photo from Morakniv


A unique collector’s Limited edition of our favorite Eldris, this knife is made in a limited amount and is available during 2018. The 2018 Limited Edition is set to be the first of many future colors, where every edition will have a high collector’s value.

My wife’s favorite camping knife is a simple Morakniv firestarter. This year for Mother’s Day she’s getting the truncated version. At under 6-inches point to pommel, it fits in the belt pocket on her pack, but unlike most short-fixed blades, the handle and palm swell are legit. This little blade fills the hand.

The grip is TPE, a rubberized polymer, with a rhombus check and built-in click lock that holds the sheath. The 2018 limited edition comes in a pinky/purply color with the otherwise optional harness, lanyard and fire steel to turn the little package into a neck knife. The blade is everything we’ve come to expect from Morakniv: scandi-grind, semi-matte Swedish stainless, sharp as sin right out the box, with a spine made to strike firestarters. It’s a sweet little package, as a backup, or for working close in gutting and skinning game. We’ll no doubt use her little knife to dress a deer this fall. MSRP: $30.00 —Michael R. Shea

Ergo 2 Elite Series of Camo AR Grips and Accessories

photo by Tom McHale


Don’t worry, we’re not talking about “pink guns for her.” Rather, everyone appreciates a little customization. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking out her favorite AR rifle with grips and hand guards that are both functional and sporty looking.

The Ergo 2 grips are not made for women, they’re made for any Modern Sporting Rifle users that want a more secure grip that increases your ability to shoot well. So, after mom gets an upgrade, keep these on the list for Father’s Day too.

There are three matching components in the family. The Ergo over-molded pistol grip offers night and day feel and ergonomic comfort and control over that standard hard plastic grip that comes with most rifles. The magazine well grip, made from the same rubber material provides and alternate handhold surface for shooting or carry. Last, the rail covers provide no-slip grip area on hard metal rail areas while covering sharp edges. The new components come in seven different color combinations. MSRP: $21.75 – $34.00 —Tom McHale

CrossBreed’s Mini Appendix Holster

photo from CrossBreed


CrossBreed’s Mini Appendix holster is made with thin, soft leather that easily forms to a woman’s curves. The kydex pocket is formed to each specific firearm providing excellent retention. The appendix holster works great for small to medium sized firearms. Crossbreed also offers a “Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee” and a Lifetime Warranty.

From the moment I started wearing it, it felt like it was made specifically for me. It didn’t need the typical “break in” time for it to be comfortable. I love that it almost completely disappears under a t-shirt! This has been my everyday holster for a couple years now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. MSRP: Starts at $59.50 —Stacy Bright

Mossberg 590 Shockwave in .410

photo from Mossberg


The Shockwave is definitely one of the cooler non-NFA items on the market right now. First available in 12 gauge, then 20 gauge, and just announced in .410, it’s a no-brainer for mom.

Weighing just over four pounds, sporting a 14-inch barrel and Raptor pistol grip, it’s bound to turn heads at the range when she pulls this bad boy out of the case. Plus, with six rounds of .410 at her disposal, she won’t dread shooting it repeatedly in one range session. MSRP: $455. —T. Logan Metesh

Acme 1×20 HD-41 Red Dot

photo by Kat Ainsworth


If CQB or other relatively close-range training is one of your favorite things to do, you probably like red dots. Those compact optics give you just what you need—just a little boost for focus and shot placement in a lightweight package.

Sometimes—more often than not—we need to take cost into consideration, but it can be difficult to find a good, budget-friendly product. I’ve found Acme’s line of optics perform well not only within their price points but often above and beyond them, so I’m recommending the Acme 1×20 HD-41 Red Dot for your favorite carbine.

Acme’s 1×20 HD-41 features a 4 MOA red dot, 11 brightness levels, and a waterproof, fog-proof body. It’s multi-coated and nearly parallax-free for optimal light transmission and the housing is O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled to ensure the aforementioned waterproof and fog-proof capabilities. Per-click value is 1 MOA at 100 yards. This little red dot also offers maximum eye relief, clear glass, and durability. After being knocked against trees and range tables and dropped in the water it’s kept on working. MSRP: $99.99. —Kat Ainsworth

Federal Heavyweight TSS .410

photo from Federal Premium


Everyone in my house is crazy for .410 right now, including my Mom. Mainly she’s wound up because Dad and I can’t stop talking about TSS, both this killer new Heavyweight .410 shell from Federal, that throws killing patterns to 30 yards, and the TSS hand loads we’ve been cooking up in the basement.

I haven’t talked Mom into turkey hunting with me yet, but if I do this is what she’ll shoot. In case you’ve just woken up from a five-month nap, TSS stands for Tungsten Super Shot and it’s super indeed: 20 percent denser than most other premium non-toxic shot, 56 percent denser than lead, harder than steel. This means smaller pellets – in the .410s case, No. 9s – carry a killing energy. They travel further, fly truer and hit harder than lighter loads of regular lead or steel.

The smaller pellet size also means you can cram more pellets into the shell. A 13/16-ounce .410 load of No. 9 TSS has about 295 pellets. That makes a 30-yard gobbler gun with pop-gun recoil. Honestly, though, I’m not so worried about Mom handling a shotgun. What makes the .410 such an interesting turkey tool, is it takes us back to the old days of having to kill turkeys close. Modern 12-guage loads have pushed the killing distance to silly extremes. The humble .410, now with TSS, puts them emphasis back on getting close. MSRP:$29 —Michael R. Shea

Thunderwear Pistol Pouch

photo from TWAW


The bellyband has been very popular for concealed carry amongst women in recent years. The Well Armed Woman offers a variation on that proven concept, allowing mom to tuck her pistol under her waistband.

Made in the USA, this holster distributes the weight of a handgun and spare magazine to the hips for all-day comfort. So whether your mom dresses business casual for the boardroom or wears jeans, she can carry with ease thanks to the Pistol Pouch by Thunderwear. MSRP: $50 —Joseph Albanese

Camp Chef Camp Stove Cooking Systems

photo from Camp Chef


I’m not suggesting Mom should be cooking on her special day, but who else do we depend on for mealtime at home or in the field?! Camp Chef has always offered some of the best outdoor cooking products you can buy, and their cooking systems provide all that you need for mealtime at the campground or for a cookout at the range.

The basic stoves offer anywhere from one to four burners, but the most common and effective are the two and three burner models.

What’s cool about these stoves is they truly are a “cooking system” when paired with other Camp Chef accessories (can you say future birthday or Mother’s Day gifts?).

There’s griddles for pancakes, grill boxes for burgers, and even a pizza oven. With this system, mom’s outdoor camp cook responsibilities will be much easier – and don’t we all win from that? Two burner models starting at MSRP: $159.99 —Jodi Stemler

Nickel and Lace CC Dolman Top

photo by Kat Ainsworth


As a gun writer I spend a great deal of time in tee shirts and jeans which makes carrying concealed simpler. However, there are times exchanging my favorite Gruntstyle tee for something more feminine is nice, and that’s when I turn to Nickel and Lace.

Nickel and Lace was founded by Marilyn Smolenski, a woman whose taste is impeccable. Smolenski is active in the gun industry, something I consider a prerequisite for someone designing gun-related clothing. She’s also currently running for 55th District Illinois State Representative (can you imagine having someone this pro-gun in politics in Illinois?). Back to the clothing.

Nickel and Lace is a comfortable-yet-classy clothing line with offerings that rotate with the seasons. Their Dolman Top is perfect for my more understated preferences; it’s a batwing-style top with three-quarter length sleeves and a high-low hem. Mine is black but it’s on the website right now available in mint.

Personally, I like the batwing style sleeves because the added material and cut helps obscure items such as full-size Ruger SR1911s on my hip. Although its shorter in the front and longer in back it’s still more than long enough to conceal the Gen 5 Glock 17 I sometimes carry AIWB in a PHLster holster. Yes, those really are my EDC guns, and this top does conceal them. Check out Smolenski’s run for State Rep here. MSRP: $36.00. —Kat Ainsworth

Crossbreed IWB SuperTuck Holster in Tiffany Blue

In my honest opinion, this is one of the best holster companies in the world. I have been wearing a Crossbreed IWB holster for ages. Handmolded Kydex will fit your firearm like a glove. Crossbreed then backs the Kydex pocket with premium leather, which you can wear without a shirt tucked in under it. You may adjust both cant and ride height, and this holster—like most of Crossbreed’s holsters—comes in three leather choices, along with optional combat cut and additional clips.

For a limited time, this holster is offered in 3 new colors: Flat Dark Earth, Sniper Gray and Tiffany Blue. Go with the blue—it’s classy and the name says it all. MSRP: $74.75 —Barbara Baird

Galco Stinger Belt Holster

photo from Galco Gunleather


Galco Gunleather’s most popular holster for women is the Stinger belt holster—an outside-the-waistband model that just happens to fit many women particularly well because it’s got a lower ride.

Most men and women have different proportions of waist height and arm length so lots of women find a smoother and easier draw with a holster that rides lower. The placement also tends to be friendlier with women’s clothing fit and placement relative to the waist. The Stinger also has a “tunnel style” belt loop on the back that takes up less space on the belt, so she’ll have more flexibility with exact placement on the waistline. MSRP: $65.00 —Tom McHale

CZ-USA Sterling Shotgun Line

photo by Kat Ainsworth


Finding a good shotgun can be a challenge. If your face is slender and your cheekbones high, you have specific needs; if your face is rounder, like mine, your needs also vary. And what if you’re left-handed? This is where CZ-USA’s Sterling line comes in quite literally handy.

The line is comprised of three shotguns—the SCTP Sterling, Upland Sterling, and Southpaw Sterling—each designed to meet certain needs. My favorite is the Upland Sterling but you might find the SCTP a better fit if you have a long, narrow face

The CZ-USA Upland Sterling is a gorgeous shotgun; from its Turkish walnut, laser-stippled stock to its two-tone satin and gloss chrome receiver, it’s clearly a carefully-created firearm. It’s a 12-gauge with black chrome-finished, 28-inch over/under barrels and weighs in at 7.5 pounds, meaning it’s easy to tote through the fields while hunting. At 46” long with a 1 3/8” comb and 2 ¼” heel it fits my needs perfectly. Of course, it isn’t only for hunting. I’ve also used it to shatter countless clays and puncture a variety of paper targets.

It comes with five chokes – F, IM, M, IC, C – and ships in a hard plastic case with barrel and stock protected in blue satin sleeves. Check out the CZ-USA Upland Sterling here, the SCTP here, and the Southpaw here. MSRP: starts at $999.99. —Kat Ainsworth

Jewelry from The Well Armed Woman

photo from The Well Armed Woman


Skip the flowers and buy some jewelry that proudly states her title, “Mom,” while also showing her love of firearms. Jewelry is always a good gift choice and will be something she can wear all year long!

These dangle MOM earrings are made with 9mm bullet casings and Swarovski crystals. Measuring 1 ¾” in length, they are the perfect size. The matching necklace is also available if you choose to make it a set. MSRP: Earrings – $24.95; Necklace – $22.95 —Stacy Bright

Syren Range Tote

photo from Syren


Farewell to the boxy range bag. Syren, maker of fine shotguns for women, brought out this range tote last year. It’s a combination of the look of Vera Bradley and pure function.

Made of 1680 denier nylon material, with a quilted design, the tote measures 16 inches long by 11 inches tall by 6 inches deep. It will hold up to 12 boxes of 12-gauge shells. Its interior sports two Velcro-side pockets for chokes and accessories and two other interior pockets for water bottles and other necessities. It also features a zippered pocket on its exterior. The bag only comes in black for its exterior, with a deep purple (Syren’s signature color) inside and the Syren logo on its side.

If you’re going to haul 12 boxes of shells to the range, you’ll appreciate the bag’s detachable padded shoulder strap. This bag could substitute as a weekender tote in a heartbeat, too. To sweeten the idea of buying this bag for Mom…Syren is offering 15% off all accessories at its online store through Mother’s Day 2018. Use code “MOM.” MSRP: $90 —Barbara Baird

Dene Adams Leggings and Corset Holster

photo from Dene Adams


I met Anna, founder of Dene Adams a few years back and were super impressed with her Corset Holster design. To be clear, this is legit gear, not a gimmick. Many ladies-specific stuff can be “less than rugged” and occasionally dangerous. Not Dene Adams. The corset holsters are solid and have optional Kydex inserts for full trigger protection. Anna found that the gun placement on the corset holster is exceptionally flexible with women’s clothing styles and that the placement is in an area that women tend to naturally protect.

New this year are the Dene Adams Concealed Carry Tactical Leggings. Modeled after popular yoga pants, these offer nine different firearm holstering and magazine carry options. Extra support allows carry of heavier guns and Kydex holster pouches are available for extra trigger protection. MSRP: $139.99 —Tom McHale

Girls With Guns Apparel

photo from Girls with Guns Clothing


Girls with Guns Clothing is one of my all-time favorite online stores to shop for cute and comfortable clothing. They have so many prints, colors, and styles to choose from, and all are “pro-gun.”

One of my favorites is this teal Crossing Pistols fitted t-shirt. Not only is the design classy and stylish, the words “Right to Bear Arms” makes a great 2nd Amendment statement. It’s made of 65% Polyester and 35% Rayon. If fitted shirts aren’t mom’s style, there are plenty of other choices for relaxed fit. MSRP: $39.99 —Stacy Bright

Bullet Bouquets

photo from Bullet Bouquets


No list of Mother’s Day gifts would be complete without flowers, but why buy something that’s going to die and get thrown away when you can get flowers that will last forever!

Bullet Bouquets uses fired, expanded, and recovered JHP projectiles to make the “blooms” in the bouquet, which are planted in .22 casing soil in a custom-engraved flower pot. Standard sayings include, “One Tough Mama,” “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Mother’s .45,” and more. MSRP: starting at $39.95. —T. Logan Metesh

MantisX Training System

photo from Mantis X


Moms are busy. Like super busy. After making sure everyone else is OK, there’s precious little time for her to do what she enjoy most—flinging lead downrange. So this year, pick mom up the new MantisX training system.

This diminutive device attaches to any firearm with a rail (adapters are available for guns not so equipped) and syncs with a smartphone to provide real-time info on trigger pull and a host of other metrics. Pair it with a snap cap in the appropriate caliber and mom can practice anywhere. Check out full product test of the Mantis X system here. MSRP: $150 —Joseph Albanese

Galco CB3 Concealable Contour Belt

photo by Kat Ainsworth


Belts are an oft-overlooked piece of gear in the gun world, ones that absolutely should not be dismissed as unimportant. If you’re carrying concealed, you need a well-made gun belt. And if you’re thinking gun belts are all bulky and tactical-appearing, guess again. The Galco CB3 Concealable Contour Belt is designed with a dress-belt appearance and tactical capabilities.

The CB3 is made with fully-lined, premium steerhide and is, as the name suggests, contoured. It’s 1 ½” wide with a taper to 1” over the buckle holes and has a nickel-plated, solid brass buckle. Color options are black and Havana brown, both of which will match everything in your wardrobe. More importantly it’s durable and reinforced so it’ll hold your holstered gun firmly in place.

Yes, a belt is technically an article of clothing, but it’s also a necessary piece of gun gear. Wearing a belt that’s too soft, thin, or otherwise subpar hinders your ability to be a safe, adept concealed carrier. You can’t go wrong with Galco. MSRP: $116.00. —Kat Ainsworth