Kurt Russell has had an eclectic film career to say the least—one that extends all the way back to his work as a child actor. His earliest credit is for an episode of Dennis the Menace in 1962. He did a bunch of TV shows through the 60s and in the 1970s, starred in a bunch of light-hearted family films like The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and The Barefoot Executive plus a number of episodes of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color with a few TV westerns thrown in here and there. In 1975, he took the unlikely role of Charles Whitman for a TV movie about the mass murderer. This was the first time he used a gun in a movie, and after that, he regularly tapped into the action genre during his long film career, though many of his choices were a bit unconventional. He didn’t usually go for super tough guy roles where he was nigh invincible. After playing Elvis Presley in a TV movie, Russell starred in the low-budget cult favorite Escape from New York in 1981, which proved to the film world that the Disney kid could indeed play a tough guy.

Here’s a look at all the guns Russell has used on screen, broken into three eras, from MacReady in The Thing to Wyatt Earp in Tombstone and beyond.

Snake Plissken (Russell) with his MAC-10 fitted with a scope mounted on a long suppressor.

Guns of Kurt Russell (1992–1997)

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Guns of Kurt Russell (1998-2015)

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