The Punisher is one of the most volatile and well armed characters to come out of the wide multiverse of Marvel comics. He got his start in The Amazing Spider-Man #129 as an assassin hired by The Jackal to kill the titular hero. But since, he became one of the most complex characters that at times is a swirling maelstrom of revenge combined with a strict sense of black and white justice, and other times is just the guy with the gun. Now, after three false starts, he’s finally gotten an on-screen treatment that has resonated with both fans and critics, but that’s not to say the past film iterations of the man with the skull on his shirt, or body armor, didn’t have their moments, and they definitely had some arsenals.

Though the show has now been canceled, both seasons of Marvel’s The Punisher are streaming on Netflix, along with Season 2 of Daredevil, so you can watch Frank Castle’s latest quest for vengeance all at once.

Check out the firearms used by previous actors to play The Punisher and see how Frank’s hardware in the new series stacks up here:

The Punisher (1989): Dolph Lundgren

the punisher
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The Punisher (2004): Thomas Jane

thomas jane in the punisher
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The Punisher: War Zone (2008): Ray Stevenson

the punisher war zone
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MCU Punisher (2015 – 2019): Jon Bernthal

jon bernthal in the punisher
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