For More Full Auto Videos, go here The 1990s kid in me, who watched the movie Navy SEALs with Charlie Sheen close to 3,000 times, came alive again a couple weeks ago when I got to run a legit made-in-Germany select fire Heckler & Koch MP5. There are newer submachine guns that are lighter, smaller, and maybe easier to run, but I bet if you ask 100 gun nerds like me to close their eyes and imagine a modern sub, 95 will first think of the MP5. It’s an icon, pure and simple.

The diminutive 9mm round in the relatively heavy chassis makes it recoil like a toy. It barely jumps and is easy to control, even when dumping 30 rounds in 2 seconds flat.

It’s easy to see why the MP5 was the darling of special operators and SWAT teams for so long. If our gun laws in America weren’t so backward and restrictive, this is one of the first defense tools I would buy.