A poll on

A new poll on gun control posted on MSNBC’s website has not only garnered many responses, but shows some surprising results.

The poll specifically asks: “Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?” At the writing of this post, over 481,000 people have taken the poll, and of that nearly half million, 92 percent say that carrying a firearm is a constitutional right.

Here’s how the answers broke down:

Answer #1: Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it – 445K votes

Answer #2: No, it’s too dangerous – 19K votes

Answer #3: Only for self defense – 18K votes

Some, like this post from, have pointed out that it’s strange the left-leaning MSNBC’s readership would vote in such a way. The poll is still ongoing, so you can go here to express your opinion.

From a legal standpoint, the past year has seen a number of states pass constitutional carry laws, under which residents don’t need a permit to carry a firearm. Recently, Gov. Jay Nixon of Missouri vetoed a wide-ranging pro-gun-rights bill Monday that would have allowed residents to carry without a permit.