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If you own and carry multiple handguns for various situations and applications, it becomes apparent that buying holsters for all of them can become a major expense, and that’s if you don’t have to sift through a few duds before finding one that fits and feels just right.

BLACKHAWK! is attempting to alleviate that burden with its new holster, the Omnivore—a multi-fit Level 2 retention holster that accommodates more than 150 styles of semi-auto handgun with an accessory rail.

And that’s the key behind the holster’s ability to fit so many different handguns. The company says the holster’s active retention mechanism locks onto BLACKHAWK’s proprietary Rail Attachment Device. Here’s how it works. You attach a small polymer bracket to the rail of your pistol and that’s where it stays. The holster then locks onto that bracket, meaning it doesn’t interact with the gun itself. A prominent vertical thumb release disengages the mechanism when drawing the gun.

New Blackhawk Omnivore Holster Fits 150 Different Handguns
The Blackhawk Omnivore retails for $59.95. You can find it for $55.95 on Amazon. mfg photo

This means the holster will work across handgun platforms as long as the gun has a rail, and it also means that repeated drawing and holstering with the Omnivore is less likely to cause wear on a gun’s finish.

The height of the thumb-activated retention mechanism can be adjusted to three different positions to fit hands of different sizes.

As of the release, there are three versions of the Omnivore: the plain holster, which locks onto a pistol’s accessory rail; and two others that lock onto specific weapon lights: one for the Streamlight TLR1/2 and another for the SureFire X300/X300U-A.

The Omnivore is currently available for sale with an MSRP of $59.95.

New Blackhawk Omnivore Holster Fits 150 Different Handguns
The Omnivore has a three-position adjustable thumb release. mfg photo