Interordnance recently introduced the impressive looking IO XB12, a 12-guage bullpup-style semiauto shotgun. The short scattergun packs a lot of firepower in a compact package, complete with two detachable five-round magazines.

The IO XB12 is built using an AK-pattern receiver housed by the shooters shoulder in typical bullpup fashion. The barrel comes in at a just legal 18.5 inch length, giving the IO XB12 a 30.5 inch overall length.

The stock is available in black, flat dark earth and olive drab green and features an adjustable rest to provide a solid cheek weld.. Rails on the bottom and both sides of the forend provide mounting points for lights or lasers.

The 12-guage has a 3-inch chamber so it will handle most of your favorite buck or bird shot loads. Controls will be familiar to anyone that has shot an AK before, though they are inboard of their usual locations. The barrel is surprisingly proofed for steel shot, though I doubt anyone is buying this gun for use during duck season.

A quick-release A-2 style carry handle attaches quickly, and features integrated sights. The sights are click-adjustable; the front blade for windage, and the rear for both windage and elevation.

If you prefer the flattop look, you can ditch the carry handle and attach your choice of optics to the full-length Picatinny rail. Front and rear sling attachment points provide another method of transporting the IO XB12.

Included with the IO XB12 is a set of back-up-style flip-up sights, in case you decide to leave the handle off. The rear features two apertures, one for close range shots, and the other for longer pokes. But being a shotgun, I doubt the long-range opening will ever see any use, but your mileage may vary.

IO XB12 12-gauge bullpup semi-auto shotgun
The IO XB12 includes three choke tubes and two five-round magazines as well as break down and adjustment tools. Interordnance

An angled forward grip is included to provide increased purchase, and attach easily to the rail on the bottom of the forend. On the opposite end, an adjustable rest keeps your face where it needs to form a sight picture. Finger-tightening the rest quickly gives you an ideal cheek weld.

Three choke tubes come with the IO XB12, complete with a fitted carrying case and a choke tube wrench to facilitate changes. The IO XB12 comes complete with two 5-round magazines, a cleaning kit, and break down and adjustment tools. The gun comes shipped in a box that features a fitted foam case that can serve to transport and store the IO XB12, with cut-outs for all the accessories.

MSRP: $759.99

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