Magnum Research, the company behind the infamous Desert Eagle that has been a pop culture icon since its introduction, has recently introduced a new .44-caliber pistol cartridge.

The new round, .429 DE, was designed with the Desert Eagle in mind, adding to a litany of powerful cartridges for the heavyweight handgun. Based on the famous .50 AE cartridge, the .429 DE has a 25 percent increase in velocity and 45 percent energy increase over a 240-grain .44 Mag bullet pushed through a six inch barrel.

Loaded by HSM in Montana with Sierra bullets and Starline brass, the .429 DE has a velocity of 1,600 feet per second with 240-grain bullets and 1,750 fps with 210 grain bullets. The new round features 30-degree shoulder headspaces and a neck long enough to properly hold and crimp a 240-grain bullet without set back under recoil. The 429 DE is similar to, but not interchangeable with, the obsolete 440 COR BON. The sharp shoulder and consistent headspace of newly engineered round ensure reliable function and velocity.

“This new cartridge was engineered and designed specifically for the Desert Eagle Pistol, keeping in mind that the DEP is known world wide for its awesome firepower and performance. The 429 DE propels that history into the future,” says Jim Tertin, Design and R&D for Magnum Research.

Magnum Research will soon be releasing a lineup of .429 DE 6-inch barrels in a variety of finishes that will be compatible with any Mark XIX USA or Israeli Desert Eagle Pistol with a wide .830-inch rail on top of the barrel that uses a .50 AE magazine and bolt. Stay tuned for more info on these barrels.

The 429 DE rounds are available in boxes of 20, distributed by Magnum Research. A 240-grain soft point and 210-grain hollow point are currently available. Both have an MSRP of $42 per box. For more information, visit