According to a new poll conducted by CNN and ORC International released today, about half of all American oppose stricter gun control, a larger segment than those who support stricter gun control.

This story, says 52 percent of Americans now oppose stricter gun control, with 46 percent supporting tighter laws. The 6 percent gap is wider than an earlier CNN survey conducted in June, which reported a near equal split with 49 percent favoring more gun laws.

The gap is larger than the poll’s 3-point margin of error, the story says.

However, Americans are divided differently when it comes to more nuanced gun issues. Residents of the U.S. are almost equally split between whether guns in public places make those places safer, less safe, or don’t make a difference. Still, most Americans say no matter what, gun laws should only be changed with the support of most Americans and most gun owners.

Some more important stats from the poll:

  • About seven in 10 Americans believes it is important for most Americans to support proposed changes to gun laws before those changes are implemented.

  • About half of Americans say it’s important for both parties to come to a consensus before making any changes to existing laws.

  • Most non-white Americans, 55 percent, support tighter gun control laws, while 43 percent are opposed.

  • Fourteen percent more men oppose gun control restrictions than support them. Women are nearly split on the question, with 49 percent in favor and 48 percent opposed.

  • Those with a college degree are more likely to support gun control legislation.

  • The largest gap in the poll is along party lines. 76 percent of Republicans opposed stricter gun control compared to just 25 percent of Democrats.

  • Two-thirds of Americans who live in rural areas opposed tighter gun control laws.

For the CNN story on the poll, go here. For the full poll results, go here.