Last week’s SHOT Show wasn’t just a show-off event for new firearms and big gun announcements, but also a massive showing of what firearms accessories are coming to the market.

The Micro Hip Hugger holster from Can Can Concealment.

Notably, as this Fox News story points out, there were a lot of concealed carry options specifically designed for women on display at the show. The NSSF reported a survey of women who owned at least one firearm found that more than 42 percent have a concealed carry permit.

Carrying a firearm is, at best, uncomfortable, and doing so with a holster system that is designed for a completely different body type doesn’t make things easier for women, especially if they don’t want to or cannot change the way they regularly dress.

The FlashBang bra holster from The Well Armed Woman.

The story goes on to highlight lingerie holsters from Can Can Concealment, like their Micro Hip Hugger Holster designed to be low profile and concealable for all-day wear. It holds firearms and magazines in place with military-grade elastic and makes for an easy draw with silicone patches to prevent slipping.

The story also highlighted a bra holster from The Well Armed Woman called the FlashBang, which attaches to an existing brassiere in the middle with a leather loop. It’s then tucked under the bra’s underwire. A kydex mold encases the firearm, including the trigger.

Can Can even puts out a garter holsters called the Garter Big Shebang, for women who need to carry on their bodies while wearing skirts or dresses.


For off-the-body carry, 5.11 had its Tactical Lucy Tote Covert Purse on display, with a TacTec System pistol compartment located to allow for an easy draw. There are also concealed pockets for stashing other gear.

For the full story from Fox News, go here.