One of the best parts of SHOT Show is having the privilege to preview what’s new for the upcoming year. This year’s event did not disappoint. While my colleagues were checking out the latest and greatest guns, ammo, optics and tactical supplies, I took a look at what’s new for women.

If there’s one thing for sure in 2019, the ladies demographic is on the rise in both the shooting sports as well as the hunting markets. Because manufacturers also are aware of this trend, new and updated gear for the ladies is all the rage whether you’re at the range, or waiting to pick up the kids at school.

We’re tired of scaled down men’s clothing and holsters. We want functional gear, designed for us that fits us properly, regardless of our shape or size. Not all of us are in the military or on the job, so wearing traditional tactical pants day in and day out isn’t something that appeals to the masses. We want functional gear that helps us carry, in order to protect ourselves and our families. I took a look at some of the newest gear designed for women. While it was impossible to cover all of the companies that were at the show, these five had some standout products. Take a look:

Cameleon Bags

juno concealed carry bags
Crafted from fine Italian leather, the new Juno Concealed Carry Bags from Cameleon officially debuted in January.

Cameleon has been on the forefront of concealed carry handbags bags for the last few years. Launching this year is a new line of genuine Italian Leather handbags that are gorgeous! I took a close look at the new Juno series line of bags and wallets. The quality of the leather rivals the top fashion brands and the craftsmanship doesn’t disappoint.

The color is a soft chocolaty leather, not too light, not too dark. The Juno series consists of four new all leather bags as well as a new line of matching wallets. Each concealed carry bag has a separate holster pocket, ensuring your gun is safe and secure. They’re also feature-rich in the interior of each bag, with a place for all you carry, ensuring the interior of your bag stays organized (a feature many concealed carry purses disregard).

The wallets feature 2.0 military grade RFID protection to keep your cash and cards secure. Sizes on the Juno series range from the perfect size tote bag that can take you from work to shopping, to a smaller crossbody bag, perfect for a quick trip out or for those of us who carry only the essentials (including our gun!). Bags starts at $189.95.

Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Elite

hip hugger elite can can concealment
The new Hip Hugger Elite from Can Can Concealment is as functional as it is cute! Annette Doerr

New this year from Can Can Concealment is the Hip Hugger Elite. Developed after years of feedback on their other belly bands, the Hip Hugger features a cell phone pocket, a holster, magazine pocket, knife pocket, key fob storage, and a small zippered pocket integrated into the belly band.

It’s secured with 6-rows of hook-and-loop material, ensuring a great fit. Can Can bellybands allow comfortable, deep concealment which is virtually undetectable under your clothing.

Hip Hugger Elite
In addition to a holster, the Hip Hugger Elite features a cell phone pocket, a holster, magazine pocket, knife pocket, key fob storage, and a small zippered pocket. Can Can Concealment

Like all Can Cans, the Hip Hugger Elite offers compression so it’s flattering on any shape. It doesn’t slip once on, and it doesn’t roll up or roll down. The Hip Hugger Elite features boutique lace-stenciled military grade elastic, and is machine washable / dry flat—and, it’s made in the U.S. MSRP: $79.

5.11 Women’s Gear

5.11 women's fury boot
5.11’s new Women’s Fury Boot is perfect on the range, or at the mall. Annette Doerr

Each year, 5.11’s contribution to the women’s market expands and 2019 did not disappoint! Besides the typical updates to tactical pants, the 2019 5.11 Spring women’s line featured new styles of pants, shirts and jackets. Also new this year was a new line of fashionable ladies boots, perfect for running errands yet performance you’d expect from the 5.11 brand. The Spring line for 5.11 includes more active lifestyle-type clothing.

5.11 new jacket
5.11’s new athletic-inspired jacket is part of their Spring Collection. Annette Doerr

Not all of the clothing released at SHOT Show were designed around concealed-carry, but because it’s 5.11, a lot of the features you’d expect to find were present in a lot of the clothes, like reach-through pockets designed to let you easily access your gun should the need arise.


Designed for an active lifestyle, RECON Rings are veteran owned and combat tested. Perfect for an active lifestyle. Annette Doerr

While not specifically designed for women, silicone rings definitely have their place in the shooting sports and hunting markets. RECON Rings introduced me to the world of silicone wedding bands at SHOT Show. For safety reasons, there are a lot of places I don’t wear my gold wedding band. Metal bands don’t give; they can get caught and/or stuck which can lead to injury. If a silicone band gets hung up, it will snap, freeing your finger.

RECON Rings won’t scratch the finish on your gun while you’re shooting or cleaning it. What’s also cool is they’re come in a bunch of different colors, letting you match your ring to your outfit if that’s your thing, or throw on the Blaze Orange as you hit the woods. They also come in couples packages so you can match your significant other. MSRP: starting at $19.99

Tactica Defense Fashion

tactica defense clothing green sweater
Tactica Defense’s clothing is as functional as it is fashionable. This is their Concealed Carry Sweater. MSRP: $149.99 Annette Doerr

Debuting at this year’s SHOT Show, Tactica Defense has introduced fashion and function into the industry. Their mantra “Dress to Protect” is the basis for this women’s-only line of defensive fashion. Don’t confuse this line with scaled down men’s clothing and holsters, each piece put out by Tactica was designed by a women, for a women, and their clothing is as fashion forward as it is functional.

tactica defense jacket
Some of the many styles of Tactica jackets that will be available soon. Annette Doerr

The line features everything from a sweater with reach through pockets allowing easy access to your IWB or belt carried pistol, to jackets, leggings, purses, belts and jackets that are as cute as they are comfortable.

Also part of the Tactical fashion brand, is a line of holsters sized properly for a woman’s body. Choices range from IWB holsters to a belly band and ankle holster, with more options rolling out later this year. We’ll be taking a closer look at this up and coming line, in the near future, but this line is a game changer for the everyday woman who carries.