Hudson Mfg H9A Pistol: SHOT Show Quick Look

The innovative design, introduced last year, has shed about a half-pound compared to the original H9.

Last year, Hudson Manufacturing made a big splash with the introduction of its revolutionary H9 pistol and its innovative design that moved the recoil spring beneath the barrel, allowing for a lower bore axis and a flatter shooting pistol with a 1911-style grip and straight-pull trigger in a modern striker-fired gun.

This year, Hudson debuted the H9A, with an aluminum frame and grip instead of the H9’s all-steel construction.

The grip panels and backstrap on the H9A are polymer and the slide has been tapered a bit and re-contoured for a slimmer profile and further weight reduction. Shooters were encouraged to fire the original H9 first and then shoot the new H9A.

“A lot of people were concerned initially that the flat-shooting of the H9 was just due to the weight,” said a Hudson representative at the range.

After shooting both, I felt that the lighter H9A was a more accurate pistol with a better feel and balance than the original. The weight is not the story with the H9, it’s the design that makes this pistol a tack driver. No ship date or MSRP has been announced for the H9A. The company is also in the final stages of testing a threaded-barrel version of the original H9. MSRP: NA