Walther PPQSC Pistol: SHOT Show Quick Look

This ultra compact semi-auto doesn't sacrifice ergonomics for small size.

new Walther PPQ SC 9mm pistol
The new Walther PPQ SC 9mm pistol at the shooting line on Range Day.photo by Stacy Bright

If you've handled the full-size Walther PPQ, you know about its sweet trigger and short reset. After handling the new PPQ SC (subcompact) at this year's Range Day, I can say it didn't disappoint when compared to the full-size.

The flush-fitting magazine has a 10-round capacity and the extended mag holds 15 rounds and offers a longer grip for those with larger hands. This allows you to carry the pistol concealed with the flush magazine loaded for a smaller overall profile and the larger 15-round magazine as a backup magazine.

I expect this to be a popular option for concealed carry with an overall length of 5.4" and in increased magazine capacity! MSRP: $649

new PPQ SC new Walther PPQ SC 9mm pistol gun
The new PPQ SC offers an increased magazine capacity with flush and extended mags, making for a great concealed carry pistol.photo by Stacy Bright