According to news reports, President Donald Trump’s healthcare bill, up for a vote before the House today, still contains measures that will allow doctors, insurance companies, and the ATF to use medical records to push gun control. says the healthcare bill, which the site is calling “Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0,” still doesn’t address the concerns of gun rights advocates. Trump reportedly told a group of undecided Congress members this week that if they didn’t vote for the bill, they would lose their mid-term elections.

Gun Owners of America has pointed out in this post on that the original Affordable Care Act included Second Amendment infringements that are still present in the new bill.

GOA says “The bill needs to be amended to prohibit the ATF from trolling the national health database, or Medicaid, or any new entitlement program for persons with PTSD, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, or merely ‘anxiety.'”

Second, GOA says the bill “needs to be amended to prohibit insurance companies from asking about gun ownership, raising rates as a result of gun ownership, or even denying insurance on the basis of gun ownership.”

Lastly, the story says the bill “needs to be amended to ensure that doctors are not required—or even allowed—to ask about gun ownership and to enter that information into a federal health database.”

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