There are a lot of holster options out there, from IWB to OTB and everything in between. Now, there’s one more. Introducing the ShapeShift Backpack holster from Alien Gear.

Designed to offer the same accessibility to those in the outdoors that an Alaska-style chest holster does, the new holster includes a special mount that allows it to be securely attached to pretty much any backpack strap, but works best with those measuring 2 to 3.25 inches in width.

Once the mount is attached, the actual holster can be rotated for a full 360-degree cant so it can be custom fit to a users needs and gear.

“Well, it’s not a typical everyday carry set up, that’s for sure, but the ShapeShift Backpack Holster provides something all gun owners seek: freedom to carry when and how they want,” Alien Gear said in a statement.

The Backpack mount, opened.
The Backpack mount, opened. mfg photo

So when would you use this holster? It would work well for a hunter or hiker carrying for self defense (openly, of course). Having a holster mounted on a backpack strap has the advantage of not requiring access to a belt, which can be a problem under layers in the colder months, plus keeping the gun readily accessible no matter what you’re wearing.

The downside is, if you take off your backpack, you take off your gun, but since the ShapeShift is a modular system, the holster can be removed from the mount and affixed to a belt or other mount.

The full shell configuration can be removed from the backpack holster mount with the click of a button. It can then be shifted from that mount and secured to an OWB paddle clip, a MOLLE holster adapter, or a mount that can be installed in a variety of locations, like a car.

Like the company says, it’s a very specific type of holster that will only work for certain situations, but for some, it will be the perfect setup.

The holster and mount cost $49.88 as a package, but if you already have a ShapeShift holster, you can add the Backpack mount for $19.88.


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