standard manufacturing company sko mini 12
American Rifleman

SHOT Show is still a few months away, but companies are already chomping at the bit to show off their latest and greatest. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the newest models in the non-NFA scattergun category, a new AR shotgun, and some notable new arms from Henry.

Standard Mfg. Co. Semi-Auto SKO Mini

standard manufacturing company sko mini 12
American Rifleman

Standard Mfg. Co. has pushed the limits of the shotshell-firing non-NFA firearm with the vertical foregrip on the new SKO Mini. The shorty is a chopped down version of its gas-operated, SKO semi-auto 12-gauge. The removable box magazine-fed semi accepts 2-, 5- and 10-round magazines or a 25-round drum to pack plenty of firepower in a small space. The mil-spec hard-anodized 7075 aluminum receiver features AR-pattern controls. A threaded muzzle accepts choke tubes or other accessories. Standard Mfg. is asking for $699 for the SKO Mini.

Black Aces Tactical Semi-Auto Shockwave Tactical Pro

Black Aces Tactical is ringing in the New Year with its Shockwave Tactical Pro Series semi-automatic 12 gauge. The 6061-T6 aluminum receiver comes attached to your choice of either wood or synthetic furniture. A 14-inch barrel and an overall length of 26.5-inches means no NFA paperwork is required for this home defense gem. Holding four in the mag and one in the chamber, the tuned semi will cycle both light and heavy loads. Retail prices are $449 for synthetic and $574 for walnut.

black aces birdseye short firearm
The Birdseye Maple stock set for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave from Black Aces Tactical. Black Aces Tactical

Those that already have a Shockwave, and a little bit of luck, can outfit it with a unique Birdseye Maple stock from Black Ace Tactical. There’s only 35 sets available, so you need to act quickly if you want one of these beautiful stock sets. They go nicely with Black Aces’ line of Shockwave accessories.

Mossberg Nightstick Pump

mossberg 590 nightstick
The newest version of the 590 Shockwave, the Nightstick, features wood furniture and a leather support hand strap. Mossberg

Ever since it came out, third party companies like Black Aces have been making wooden furniture for the Shockwave, and there’s no denying it lends the little shotgun an old school charm. Mossberg took note, and introduced the 590 Nightstick, a 12-gauge non-NFA shorty with a retro hardwood corncob-style foregrip on the pump and a wooden Raptor pistol grip from Shockwave Technologies on the back. A leather strap has been tapped into the foregrip to help keep the shooter’s support hand from drifting in front of the short muzzle. The new Nightstick has an MSRP of $539, but the big question is, will Mossberg be selling replacement wood foregrips and pistol grips so we can give our existing Shockwaves a makeover?

Remington V3 TAC-13 Semi-Auto

Looking to expand on the success of the Model 870 TAC-14, Big Green has upped their shorty game with the introduction of the V3 Tac-13, a semi-auto scattergun with a 13-inch barrel and room for five in the tube. The TAC-13 comes with the same Raptor grip that Remington uses on the TAC-14 and that Mossberg uses on its 590 Shockwave. That means this 26.5-inch gun comes from the factory as a “firearm,” with no tax stamp necessary for purchase. The V3’s VersaPort gas system reliably eats everything from light field loads to full-power buck and slugs, and the mass of the bolt cycling soaks up recoil, making it softer shooting than its manually operated counterpart. The receiver is drilled and tapped, and a newly redesigned barrel clamp at the muzzle not only provides two rails sections for a gun light, laser, or both but it also gives the gun a badass look. Suggested retail is $915.

Chiappa Firearms break-action Tactical Triple and semi-auto Honcho Tactical

The new Chiappa Tactical Triple (top) and the semi-auto Honcho Tactical.
The new Chiappa Tactical Triple (top) and the semi-auto Honcho Tactical. Chiappa Firearms

Chiappa is known for making some unusual firearms like the Rhino, but perhaps none is as recognizable as its three-barreled shotguns.

Chiappa is also adding to their shorty PGO Honcho line with the 12-gauge 18.5-inch barrel Tactical Triple, a break-action firearm with three barrels and chambers—basically a cut down version of their Triple Threat shotgun.

For those interested in 14-inch barrel non-NFA firearms, the company also has 12, 20, and .410 bore Honcho pumps, which came out last year.

New for this year, the shorty pumps will be available in a box magazine-fed version, using 5-round detachable mags. A semi-auto non-NFA firearm, dubbed the Honcho Tactical, will be out soon as well, giving Chiappa perhaps the most diversified non-NFA firearm lineup on the market.

American Tactical Inc. MilSport .410 AR Shotgun

The MilSport .410 AR Shotgun from American Tactical Inc.
The MilSport .410 AR Shotgun from American Tactical Inc. American Tactical Inc.

You may remember the Omni Hybrid AR-15 .410 Shotgun, American Tactical Inc’s .410 bore semi-auto shotgun built on a hybrid polymer and aluminum receiver. Now, ATI is introducing the MilSport .410 AR Shotgun. The new .410 semi is constructed with forged aluminum receivers and stainless steel barrel. A 13-inch Keymod handguard and a six-position shoulder stock round out the AR-platform shotty. The MilSport’s upper receiver and five-round mags are compatible with other mil-spec AR lowers—just like the Omni Hybrid. MilSport shotguns carry a suggested retail price of $720.